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I am writing a post and it is taking a while but it is good…

but it is not this post (spoiler alert). I am writing to thank all of the lovely people in my life who appreciate my intentions even when the results are not the desired ones, who invite me to tea or lunch yoga or walks or baking classes (that will be really fun and I will fill you in), who email or comment, who let me borrow boots (will get them back to you, soon!) or are just generally thoughtful and kind. I am tired and a bit peckish, but that is okay and looking forward to a nice long weekend. My house (sigh) is clean and may it stay that way for a bit.

Here are some great links so I don’t leave you hanging while you wait for my post, My Secret Math Brain (the good one – post – not brain but I suppose that is okay, too).

The Bookish Type – great book blog

The New Yorker

LATER   What does procrastination tell us about ourselves?

by James Surowiecki

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Not that I know anything about procrastination…look something shiny!

Goop – Food Blogs

Many of my favorites, too! Nicely put together and linked up for you. Have a great long weekend!

The overblown crisis in American education : The New Yorker

capability mom reads more inThe New Yorker

The overblown crisis in American education : The New Yorker. After reading about Waiting for Superman, I found this (in my real mailbox) from The New Yorker. Read it and feel free to leave a comment about your views.

Andy Borowitz: The Good Enough Baby : The New Yorker

capabilitymom reads the new yorker

Andy Borowitz: The Good Enough Baby : The New Yorker.  I have been reading The New Yorker while waiting for people in my car. It is part of my new ‘be on time or early for things” thing. So far, so good. So no long post now just this funny pass along so I am not late for my next appointment. You are welcome. Plus The New Yorker has cartoon videos on the site in case you need to laugh and kill some time while you are waiting for someone who is not me.

This,Free Range: Advice : The New Yorker from Susan Orlean, is what I am reading next and this, The Book Bench: Should Criminals Be Sentenced to Read? : The New Yorker. I do so love The New Yorker.

Oh, and I have ads on my site now..yeah, that only took a really long time to figure out. Go buy stuff from the advertisers and then I get some pennies. Pretty please? Thanks.

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