A super social day where some social media did transpire…

but mostly it was social which works for me.

Yesterday I had a full day planned – hold on to your seats – tea with one friend, a meeting with another to look at some facebook and twitter stuff and a lunch with another friend then early camp pick-up – don’t ask – it is on the schedule.  One of the great things (aside from the super nice staff and delish teas) about meeting at L’Aroma is that I ended up seeing some more friends who were there for their own meeting – so nice! So even though our laptop struggled to connect to their wi-fi, we still covered a lot of ground.

I may have a problem with over-booking (don’t ask my husband, he has weighed in on this before) and it was a pretty tightly scheduled day –  so when everything ran late – I had to reschedule lunch (luckily I have a really nice friend and we are getting together this weekend instead) and was late to camp pick-up for the first time ever. No, really, ever. I have a car book that I have been reading every day in that carpool line – in the not only un-air conditioned Mommy Car but heated Mommy Car. (please let me just decide on a stupid car already. I swear I will take the first car that has a/c – I really would – it’s good thing my husband has a car with a/c and higher standards). So my cell phone battery died and there was a ten minute window when I couldn’t reach anyone – camp. kids –  you forget how dependent you become on technology. It’s not that it was ten minutes, it was the timing of those minutes – stuck behind a front loader going ten miles per hour while late for camp pick-up. Gosh, that was fun.

Fast forward to the recovery – a late lunch at Sofra where I picked up a friend’s farm share who couldn’t use her share this week – thank you, generous friend. Lunch was lovely and we ran into my doctor whose office is nearby – picking up her farm share – she hasn’t seen my youngest since she was a baby so that was nice.

Then an evening performance of the musical at the camp – so much wonderful energy and original music  – the cast was great and so talented. Fun! A very long day and I am looking forward to the weekend – I plan on walking, reading and, for something different, doing laundry.

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Where I am a cheap date or Sofra fits the bill for a Tuesday dinner (and breakfast the next day)

I just decided that I am vain…about my blog. I am writing this post about dinner last night – even before I have taken any photos – because that ugly double down is the first thing you see when you pull up my site.

So, dinner. A rare (really rare) dinner out with my husband (during the week! without the kids!) and I wanted…a fancy candlelit dinner? Wine? Table service?  Nope. I wanted… Sofra. I am all about the food. Fresh, beautifully prepared food. Fancy does not factor – well, sometimes it is nice but this is what I craved.  Sofra is open until 7  p.m. and we  made it there from our house in just 15 minutes (the ride may have seemed longer to my husband as I was starving and maybe more than once might have mentioned it).  I have been wanting to go back since my like-minded foodie friend brought me here. I may have mentioned that to him once or twice, too…grin.

So even though we got there around 6:30, fairly close to closing time, the staff was unfailingly polite and lovely. We didn’t feel rushed (any sense of urgency was self-imposed) and had a delicious chicken schwarma and a wonderful stuffed flatbread and a gorgeous salad platter with extra bread  – always opt for the extra bread!   Their herbal iced tea was sweet and light and refreshing (I need no caffeine at this hour – old, so old!  – but rarely like an herbal iced tea when out) but this was perfect.  We sat at a copper topped table and shared everything and talked. It was really relaxing and exactly right for a Tuesday night in the ‘burbs.

Dessert is never an afterthought – for me, anyway.  I peeked past a stunning crumb cake and saw…three earthquake cookies left! I asked for all the remaining and was told there were more! I only got four, one for me after dinner, one each for the children and one more for me sometime tomorrow?  I had to compare them to the Chocolate Cinnamon cookies that I just made….these are different (more cake-like, brownie-ish) and so so good.

I also picked up some of their perfect hummus and the pale pale eggs of slightly different colors (I think of these as Martha Stewart eggs because that’s where I first learned that eggs could be so gorgeous). The eggs will be a later breakfast, I got a lemon poppyseed cake to have with my tea this morning. Maybe that is why I am up so early.
Sofra Bakery and Cafe on Urbanspoon

A friend, a find and flowers

Sofra - eggs and hummus and whipped feta

Today started a little shaky. Cleaning up dog puke does tend to set the tone.  I did get in a nice walk but then I drove all the way to the store to get dog food…without my wallet.  Okay.  Breathe.  Back home, a quick shower, back to the store for two hundred pounds of dog food (okay, I do exaggerate) and on to the Coffee Shop Bloggers at L’Aroma.  I love my time here and I missed last week but I had to rush off, the library event is only two days away and I left too little time for that lovely part of my week.  Luckily, and as usual, I was kept on track and got help for some technical issues, wonderful advice, inspiration and a few goals for the up-coming week.  Hopefully, I was also helpful.

On to lunch at Sofra which I cannot believe I only found out about today.  Oh, those missed opportunities to pick up Earthquake cookies!  They are only the lightest cloud of chocolate cookie (covered with powdered sugar) on the planet.  Happily, Sofra happens to be very near to my doctor’s office.  Handy.  I almost feel a sinus infection coming on…grin.  There are copper tables dotting the cozy, warm space and  floor to ceiling windows flooding it with daylight.  We sat on a sweet porch outside soaking up the sun on this rare New England spring day.  A dear friend treated me to a deliciously perfect lunch (yummy stuffed flatbread and chicken shawarma, a persian doughnut – more light amazing pastry and an earthquake cookie).  We split everything – oh, and we had a great almond/red pepper dip that I almost forgot about – it disappeared that quickly.  After we had talked ourselves out (barely), I stocked up on the most wonderful food.  Farm fresh eggs, buttered  hummus and whipped feta made it home – the cookies did not fare so well.  Sofra has amazing looking prepared dinners and beautifully packaged spices and teas.  I do travel for food but in this case I don’t have to travel that far.  The owners of Sofra also own Oleana in Cambridge which I have not yet been to but now will absolutely visit and soon.  There is also their farm, Siena Farms that has a CSA (community supported agriculture) shares that you can join.

Back to library, errands, school pick-up and a lovely gift from another dear friend – a blush pink hydrangea plant. The day had decidedly taken a turn for the better. Dinner was going to be fish but I think it will be eggs and hummus and feta. I have some great greens and a crusty bread

.Sofra Bakery and Cafe on Urbanspoon“>

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