Really Good Food Thanks to Hood

Hood Sour Cream® Meal Makeover

I was thrilled to be included in the Hood Sour Cream® Meal Makeover Challenge – I got to see old friends, make new friends, hang out at the cool BCAE kitchen, and share in some delicious food! I do love to cook and adapt recipes, and when I watch cooking shows like Chopped, I am amazed at what the . . . → Read More: Really Good Food Thanks to Hood

Polar Vortex Activities

Cold Weather Activities… for me

Baking seems to be my default activity when I’m stressed and this cold is stressing me out. Okay, really, I want to have nice baked goods in the house so I can keep up my caloric intake for the winter. Tough work.

What have I been cooking up? Hmm…soups like Bon Appetit’s spicy bean and wilted greens from this month’s . . . → Read More: Polar Vortex Activities

Stress Baking

Yes, I bake when I am stressed. It’s all good because I eat when I am stressed, too, so it’s a win-win with just a slight chance of weight gain.

What do I bake? Usually I head to smitten kitchen for fantastically delicious fail proof recipes – here’s where I started.

German Pancakes – a new favorite in our house. It’s a fast easy breakfast . . . → Read More: Stress Baking

Washi Tape, Jelly Jars and Crackers = A Nice Hostess Gift

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My favorite new thing to do – decorate with Washi Tape – I got this tape from a Pick Your Plum deal and these are recycled containers . . . → Read More: Washi Tape, Jelly Jars and Crackers = A Nice Hostess Gift