Food Revolution: When Jamie Met Huntington – Food – The Atlantic

‘Food Revolution’: When Jamie Met Huntington – Food – The Atlantic.

I am watching this right now and Jamie is about to throw away the french fries at the high school.  It has just turned the corner and he is teaching the students to cook. Stay tuned for more.

What do you think of this project?  Heavy handed proselytizing/publicity stunt/well-intentioned reality tv?

Best of the web food blogs awarded – Food & Drink, Life & Style – The Independent

Best of the web food blogs awarded – Food & Drink, Life & Style – The Independent.

Our very favorite – smitten kitchen is there winning in two categories – best food photography and best individual post and another favorite, David Lebovitz (of Chocolate Idiot cake fame) for best baking and desserts blog.

I will check out the blogs I hadn’t yet found from their list – Congrats to all!

Cooked – in a good way

Friends have a way of keeping you connected and grounded.  They can also teach you a great deal.  This week I learned how to make a delicious rémoulade, baked rice and that stuffing garlic butter and herbs under chicken skin isn’t so gross if you do it with a friend.  I co-hosted a PTO progressive dinner (not here – thank you, R & G) and spent a day prepping dinner, running errands and ironing table linens. My co-host (and an amazing cook) did that and much more.  I will post the full recipes under the recipe page. All wonderful.

My favorite part of the day was, well, all of it. Prep-work flies by when chatting with friends and adding special ingredients and fielding  a flurry of calls for add-on items while shopping keeps things interesting.  The connections are wonderful: a local florist, the fabulously organized friend (and the point person for last night) who delivered gift bags to the hosts on her bike, and the other interesting parents we got to meet and re-connect with last night.  There was a nice balance of quiet and busy time, I ironed while watching an old movie with my children and later our children and a family friend helped serve the dinner and clean up.

Connecting with the school community is more of a challenge when middle school years start.  There are no hallway conversations at drop-off, pick-up or on the playground so you have to make more of an effort to connect with other parents and the school community. Not to worry!  There are always plenty of volunteer opportunities, both large and small.  Help with a teacher appreciation lunch or Principal’s coffee.  Heck, if you have more time – volunteer more!

The Barefoot Contessa is amazing

Am in process of making the chicken with biscuits that my family claims is good enough to serve to the President. Yes, of the United States.  It is that good but it takes forever to make so not a usual mid-week meal (I am an under one hour prep/cook on school days). I cooked the split chicken breasts yesterday and will make the roux and biscuits today. It is also a perfect meal to deliver to a friend in need. You’ll find the recipe here:

Feel free to lower the fat content with 2 % or 1 % milk instead of cream/half and half although it is delicious full fat. Enjoy! Oh, and we are supposed to get snow today and tomorrow – perfect for those days.

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