Social Media & You taught by Melanie Graham at NewTV

If you are a fan of Melanie Graham, the first and wonderful Newton Patch editor, (her Five Things You Need to Know posts were the best and she is super nice IRL*), and you want to know how to use Social Media for good (not evil), you’ll sign up for her class at NewTV.  Melanie is currently the Digital Content and Social Media Producer . . . → Read More: Social Media & You taught by Melanie Graham at NewTV

Finding Kind on Indieflix – Try it

As a blogger, I get a lot of emails from companies; many of them are nice, some are self-serving (you know who you are), and some are flat out awesome on all levels. This is one of the awesome ones. Finding Kind is a documentary about female bullying that takes a clear look at how girls treat one another and how we can effect . . . → Read More: Finding Kind on Indieflix – Try it

A Preschool Mom’s Day

Reality check. You will have time for maybe one of these activities, possibly two and sometimes, well, none. What? You are just not organized! I can do so much in three hours. Yes, yes, you can except when you can’t. It is unbelievable how fast three hours goes by and sometimes you have coffee with a friend or volunteer to help the school or have to take your car in for service or you have a dentist appointment, then the day is gone and your house does not look like anything on Pinterest and you feel bad. Don’t. It is okay. Cut yourself some slack. Some days are easier than others, it’s okay. . . . → Read More: A Preschool Mom’s Day

Papersalt – Family Friendly, Positive and Gorgeous – A Review

papersalt books - capability mom blog

ks from Papersalt and love everything about them, the paper is nicer than standard cardstock, the colors are gorgeous, the graphics creative and the messages are spot on. Wow, imagine how I would gush if they paid me to write this (which they most assuredly did not). I did receive four books to review being a girl, being a boy,take the stairs and dinner table manners. I had a tough time deciding because the messages are so lovely and delivered in such a creative and simple way. Positive, helpful and sweet – the books are a pleasure to handle and you can write in them, too. . . . → Read More: Papersalt – Family Friendly, Positive and Gorgeous – A Review