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Brothers Market – My new go-to

Seriously, if you follow me at all. you know I’m all about the food. I like to find it, buy it, prepare it, and, yes, eat it. I also like to make a gift of it.  And Brothers Market is a place where the people like their food even more than I do. They care about the best sourcing, pricing and the best quality products and they want to know what people want – so, we as the consumers, get all the benefit of their hyper focused work. Already a win. Then you get to the store (any of their stores), and it is warm, welcoming and inviting – just like everyone who works there. I have seen every employee pitch in during a rush – people from all different departments and all areas of responsibility in the store, man the registers or gift wrap station or bag groceries.

I have been to hosted blogger events in both Medfield and the newly renovated Weston Market.  Their stores have great food, customer service, and my fave, coffee bars with great seating. We were there to sample some of their delicious prepared food – I know, tough work if you can get it.

This Butternut Squash recipe is easily a new family favorite. Make it for your family, bring it as a side dish, for your next pot luck. You will be very popular. I should know. I use food to make friends all the time.




Celebrate Italy at Brothers Marketplace

Celebrate Italy at Brothers Marketplace

Since Brothers in Medfield is one of my all time favorite places to get delicious food anytime, when I was invited to a blogger lunch to celebrate Italy, I was immediately on board. Brothers is running a promotion through March 10th, Amiamo Italy,  focusing on great prepared foods and products from Italy. The Eggplant Parmesan and Chicken Parmesan are wonderful and among their top-sellers. I tested both (again, I’m so nice like that), and it’s easy to see why. Delicious! Brothers also has a great coffee bar, soda shop counter, and some seriously amazing prepared foods – and while they are featuring Italian foods this month, there are always amazing sandwiches, a hot bar with comfort food favorites, and the bakery. Don’t miss grabbing a coffee and sitting at the farmhouse table with some of their delicious baked goods. You’ll thank me later.



So a group of bloggers and people from the local media got to sample oh-so-much-delicious food! What a lovely group! We learned about how Brothers finds new products and had a lovely lunch with a tour of the store. Absolutely unabashedly love this place. Is there a possibility for a Brothers in Newton? I can only hope – and keep asking the wonderful management team.



Recipe for the Zucchini Fritters as promised


So check out what’s happening at Brothers – it’s always something good!

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My New Love – Brother’s Marketplace Medfield, that is.

capability mom at blogger event at Brothers Marketplace medfield - great coffeeBrother’s Marketplace Medfield

I first visited Brothers Marketplace in Medfield while at an all day sporting event at the local high school. My husband and I were walking into town for lunch and he told me about a place called Brothers and that I would love it. Just in front of us was the storefront – the sign, the font, the colors, the charmingly arranged bales of hay outside.  “I already do, ” I replied. “How can you know you love it?” he asked. I looked at him in astonishment – because you just know. It comes in handy, this sense about where to find good food (another post will be about my food finds in NYC last month). But let’s give credit where credit is due, the husband did find Brothers, I just ID’d it as wonderful from the street. It lived up to (nay, exceeded) its promise and we walked there twice more that day, bypassing the Starbucks across the street in favor of the coffee at Brothers.

The second time I visited Brothers was in response to an invitation to a Blogger Breakfast. To be honest, I didn’t even read the invite all the way through before I replied yes! I didn’t have to…I was on board no matter what they were sharing – and it turns out they were sharing a lot – great food and delicious freshly roasted coffee, a lovely tour sharing how into how they work as a team and find the wonderfully locally sourced items and the specialty items. And then time to sit at the wonderful farm table with blogging friends and chat. And sample. And chat. And sample. Well, you get the idea.

Brother’s Marketplace manages to be both sophisticated and homey at the same time. It has a lovely old fashioned feel but with the super clean and state of the art fixtures, equipment and cases, you know you are in good hands. Brother’s (Bro-Med in our house) is part of the Roche Brothers family of stores but in a micro-grocery kind of way. The staff is ever friendly and polite and I know – I have visited both stores a few times since (there is one in Weston, too), and was warmly greeted each and every time, and no one knew I was writing about the store – they’re just naturally that nice.

In addition to fantastic produce, there are equally beautiful and fully stocked meat, fish and cheese departments and carefully curated dry goods, well, carefully curated everything, really. The prepared food is wonderful – everything from a hot bar with house made mac and cheese and rotisserie chicken (perfect) to amazing in-house sushi. The sandwiches (I have sampled four so far but willing to go back if research demands it) are all delicious and the selection of salads is impressive.

You can complete an entire grocery shop here, or just drop in for some of their terrific freshly roasted coffee and yummy baked goods and grab dinner for later. I happily would visit daily if it were a tiny bit closer to home. Hint to Brothers – A Bro-New? Please?


I was invited to a Blogger Breakfast and tour of Brother’s Marketplace in Medfield and received a gift bag of wonderful food to sample. The in-house mozzarella is a must have and it was thoughtfully paired with basil and a fantastic loaf of bread. Caprese sandwiches for dinner! I did not receive any compensation for this post and, as always, all opinions are my own.

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