capability mom's rainbow cake - recipe from the whisk kid

I am a little hopped up on sugar…five batches of buttercream frosting (please don’t ask) and the requisite tasting will do that to you. My teeth actually feel fuzzy and we had a water main break that is affecting all cities and towns in the MWRA district. We all have to boil our drinking water for one minute and it is making some people crabby. Me. I am crabby. I have to worry about washing things with compromised water. I do not care to think about what has compromised the water. I am doing okay, though, especially for me. Really. It’s not that bad.But we still made the (crazy gorgeous rainbow) cake and had a great time. capability mom's rainbow cake recipe from the whisk kid It is a fun recipe to make and looks wonderful. I did not add the lemon extract that The Whisk Kid calls for (I wanted to – I was voted down).

I will tell you tomorrow what I did right and wrong – yes, there is a reason there were so many batches of buttercream. Is the suspense too much? You’ll have to wait. I have to go brush my teeth with boiled water.