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IMG_4207It’s an ungodly hour – 5 am – made more so by the fact it is Saturday. I hate waking up on Saturdays. And Sundays, actually. So this must mean I have to do something – and something good that is making me get up. Do I have to drive to away soccer game? No, it’s home this week. It’s better. I’m going to NYC to get gorgeous – well, no promises, but an attempt anyway. I’m going to Getting Gorgeous, an event sponsored by several companies* and run by fashion and beauty bloggers Audrey McClelland and Vera Sweeney.

Last year Getting Gorgeous was the same weekend as Blogher and I was in Manhattan anyway, this time needs a bit more effort, and i am thrilled for a day in the city. The train is comfortable, fast and easy. Conductors and cafe car staff are lovely but would like a better food selection. So far I’ve only had a cup of tea and a banana. I forgot to pack snacks for the first time in seventeen years.

I’ll update this post as I can, or you might have to wait until I’m back and maybe more gorgeous, well, at least more polished.

* CVS Beauty Club
New Balance
Harlequin Books
Love Jac Cards
Thyme Maternity
Stokke Baby
Haute Tags
Foster Grant
Thread and Butter
Jade and Jasper

Show NYC a little love

Show NYC a little love #citybuzzNYC Matters

Central Park NYC Capability Mom BlogI loved visiting New York City for Blogher this year and could have easily spent more time there – even in August –  but this is my favorite time of year there. I love the city for the holidays – Great energy and even more fun than usual!

CityBuzz is giving away a weekend in NYC  and asking you to share what matters to you on instagram (my favorite new non-Pinterest visual hangout), share it on Facebook or your blog if you have one, too.

Check out the video (below) and the easy requirements to enter to win a weekend in NYC.

Share what matters to you – it doesn’t have to be NYC related – I just happened to have a great picture from this summer that I wanted to share.

What are you thankful for?

From CityBuzz:

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy the nation poured on their support, and one thing became clear, NYC Matters, and it matters because of you. Citybuzz is treating two people to a NYC Insider Weekend of Broadway, museums, the best restaurants…AND airfare. It’s your turn to show us what matters to you. Post your entry on Instagram with the hashtag #citybuzzNYC.


Trip for 2 including airfare to New York City.

Runner-up Winners

  • Citybuzz giftbags filled with NYC collectibles, gift certificates for museums and restaurants as well as $50 at Bloomingdale’s.

All entries will be judged and winner selected by NYC’s the New Museum.

Must Do Steps to Win

1) Take a pic of what matters to you, put it on Instagram and tag it with “#citybuzzNYC”.
2) Head over to our Facebook page,, like it and leave a comment with a link to your post.

Both conditions must be met in order to win.


NY Matters Photo Contest is sponsored by Vidicom and Citybuzz.

Show us what matters to you and win a FREE weekend in NYC
Enter to Win by December 13th & Check Back December 17th to See Who Won!

One Direction, Sharpies and A Great Teen

Love Sharpies, One Direction, teen star Ariana Grande and iJustine?

If you have tweens or teens, then you are familiar with Sharpies (we have them all over the house), One Direction (a near constant soundtrack) and undoubtedly have seen (or heard of) Ariana Grande from the Nick Show, Victorious, and you may even know iJustine from Youtube (you are that cool).

one direction ariana katelyn sharpie capability mom blog

Today, hordes of adoring super fans joined stars (and super fans themselves), Ariana Grande and iJustine in New York City to create a huge “hello” to welcome One Direction for their upcoming U.S. tour. Creative fans put colorful Sharpie markers to good use, designing posters and hello signs, all captured on video to be delivered later to band members Niall, Harry, Zayn, Louis, and Liam. One fan was even surprised with a “golden ticket” to one of their sold out concerts.

Sharpie, the U.S. marker company and sponsor of the first leg of One Direction’s tour, made a generous $10,000 donation to recognize 16 year old Katelyn Darrow-Eystad for her efforts to help victims of Super storm Sandy through her charity, The Angels Clothing Closet.

The rising sophomore from Pitman, NJ set up a non-profit organization to help families in need shop for clothing, food and toiletries at no cost – when she was only twelve years old! This creative, caring and motivated young woman has several programs including a Prom dress drive and seasonal toy and clothing drives. She also started a program called Kid’s Quest to allow younger volunteers to help out. Although her town wasn’t hit hard by Sandy, this concerned young woman reached out to her local community to help the coastal towns devastated by the storm.

I was lucky enough to have a phone interview with Katelyn after the event. This grounded, well-spoken and confident teen was super excited after this incredible day and couldn’t say enough nice things about Sharpie and their donation and how thrilled she was by this recognition.  Ariana Grande along with iJustine presented the massive check to the surprised Katelyn.

Katelyn shared that she is going to see One Direction later this month, courtesy of Sharpie. Hats off to Sharpie, for acknowledging such a motivated and concerned young person and also giving her a well-deserved treat for herself, too. Well done!

From Katelyn’s blog:
For my 16th birthday, I’m going to complete sixteen “Random Acts of Kindness”.
Join me in this unique birthday activity! Please do a “RandomAct of Kindness” for someone.

If you’re stuck on ideas or inspiration, here are a few things I’ll be doing today:
·  At a drive-thru, pay for the person’s meal behind you.
·  Leave your pocket full of change around a park or playground, for children to find.
·  Put sticky notes with positive messages written on them on public restroom mirrors.
Thank you for celebrating my birthday with me! As I blow out my candles this year, I’ll be thinking of all the people who had a brighter day on my birthday because of the “Random Acts of Kindness”.

Try a random act of kindness yourself. Looks like Sharpie already did. Need ideas? Katelyn’s wonderful non-profit in Pittman, New Jersey, is taking donations for those affected by Sandy and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. There is a wish list on the site or for you out of state people, here is another way to help out. Go to and select to donate.

Go say thanks to Sharpie and like their Facebook Page. This NYC event kicks off  a national Sharpie sweepstakes for a chance to win tickets to a sold-out One Direction show from November 19th -23rd. I know a few teens who would love to go.

Fans nationwide can enter at to win one of two VIP travel packages to a concert. Winners will get the red carpet treatment, including transportation to the concert. Sharpie is an official sponsor of the first leg of the band’s U.S. tour.

Follow Sharpie on Twitter @Sharpie for updates.

I am a Blogher Newbie

Why Being  Blogher Newbie is a Good Thing

Not only a Blogher Newbie, but a blogging conference newbie (I have a feeling that this conference is so large that  it wouldn’t matter). I am very lucky to have landed in a group of generous, sharing bloggers in the Boston Parent Bloggers.  This incredibly supportive group is kind and helps with anything from favorite plug-ins to how to manage the behemoth* (the second definition) that is Blogher ’12 with their sage advice and kind, calming words.

I did spend a bit of time trying to find clothes that make me look like a slightly nicer version of my usual self (really, you should see how I go out to walk the dog). I tend to over-pack anyway, so imagine how I pack if I am trying to look nice. I am also traveling with neighbor and blogging friend, and consummate under-packer (it is a skill), Pragmatic Mom. It is actually primarily her fault that I even have a blog. Ask her, she will verify this.

I also chose this week to tweak my header image, tagline and title. Sure, good timing. I also played (mostly nicely) with plug-ins, and considered a new theme (wisely I am holding off). I also cleaned the house, co-hosted a party (actually we called it MINoBBot – Mothers In Need of a Bracing Beverage or Two), had two lovely house guests,  cleaned most of the house and, of course, the usual other stuff I do, including a lovely Blogger Luncheon at MGHfC (Mass General Hospital for Children). There I learned about the wonderful facility and staff ( fantastic, dedicated staff, knowledgeable and caring) and met a fellow Martha fan (who agreed to sit with me during Friday’s lunch – Martha is our Keynote Speaker)! ! The always fantastic Katie Couric is the Keynote Speaker for Saturday. We are so lucky to have such an incredible roster of speakers (I can’t even begin to name all the speakers for the break-out sessions) and, not to put him last, and with all due respect, President Obama is speaking via satellite on Thursday. Wow.

Do I sound overwhelmed? I am, a little. I love visiting NYC and the energy and inspiration I get from visiting this dynamic city. I have read the twitter streams, the facebook updates, the emails, the invitations, the non-invitations, the sponsor updates, read the blog posts and I have chosen my sessions although did not know you had to sign up for Geek Bar until it was booked up and am shut out. Oh, well. I will get my geek on, anyway, I always do.

fenway park, sharon schindler photography, capability mom blog
Photo credit: Sharon Schindler

I am excited to meet new people, connect with virtual friends in real life, learn as much as I can to continue to improve (in SEO, writing skills, blog design, making a media kit, (the list goes on), get inspired and share it all here.

For the next few days, instead of driving carpool and making lunches, I will step out of my normal routine and I will be at Blogher ’12 – tweeting, sharing on Facebook and hunching over my iPad with the cool stylus I found at Blik (a favorite art store) and connecting with a bunch of people who probably care more about my header saga than my family does (the glazed looks were the giveaway).

Conversation with teen child after I showed her the crayon/stylus. “Aren’t I cool?” I believe I asked, knowing I had a cool item in hand.

” Mom, you have cool things” was the response. Noted.

This is what I look like at a cool place. There will be more pics of me at another cool place- Blogher ’12!









*Behemoth be·he·moth/biˈhēməTH/ Noun:

1. A huge or monstrous creature.

2. Something enormous, esp. a big and powerful organization.

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