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“When Did I Get Like This?” book reading by Amy Wilson at Brookline Booksmith May 12

Amy Wilson, creator of the one woman show,  Mother Load (directed by Julie Kramer)  and contributing editor to Parenting magazine, wrote a funny, funny book. She is in Boston and reading from it at The Brookline Booksmith tomorrow night at 7 pm. Her blog, motherload: the blog is funny, insightful and I know you will like it. when did i get like this amy wilson at capability mom blog

Lunch was lovely. We got dressed up, mingled and listened to wonderful authors Anita Shreve and Andre Dubus III

Phew. What a  day.  The 26th Annual Book and Author Lunch was held at the Newton Marriott (with over 245 people in attendance)  to hear Andre Dubus III and Anita Shreve speak. Mayor Setti Warren made a nice speech before the lunch and the very dedicated Friends of the Newton Free Library did a wonderful job organizing this event.

When the Library has visiting authors, someone from the volunteers “hosts” them – basically makes sure they are comfortable.  Anita Shreve was to be hosted by a lovely friend who needed me to pinch hit at the last minute.  Gladly. I like Anita Shreve’s writing and have read more than a few. Was I nervous? Well, if you measure sheer nervous energy by the sheer volume of words – yes, I was. I have hosted authors before and didn’t think I would be, but I was. I did google her before lunch, mostly to refresh my memory – I knew Weight of Water and The Pilot’s Wife off the bat but she has fifteen books listed on her website (a very thorough and lovely website).  Hopefully we made Ms. Shreve feel welcome (I did open her water bottles and protect her dessert) and luckily Andre Dubus is a charming force of nature and is friends with Anita. So I scooted over and let them sit next to each other. The conversation was lively and the talks were inspiring. Go to the Newton Free Library page where I hope that Anita’s recommendations will soon be posted, I want to read (or re-read) each writer on her list.

Andre was engaging, funny, charmingly edgy and handsome (bonus in a room of women) and most of the audience is ready to sign up to audit one of his writing classes. You can tell that he loves what he does, both writing and teaching – and his enthusiasm is contagious. You can see for yourself in this video.


His new book is due out in February, called Townie about growing up in a New England mill town. I can’t wait to read it – I think his voice will be so strong in this book. All in all a very interesting day.townie andre dubus III

Great finds – from fabric to benches with some happy tape for good measure


woven bench from urban outfitters

 Maybe I am a little in love with these benches from Urban Outfitters.urban outfitters bench from capability mom     

Found this fabric from Betz White betzwhite

through yummygoods blog – the cutest shop on the planet that I stumbled into last summer.   


Here  is a sweet label company – Mabel’s Labels that I found: Great labels for clothes, bags, household stuff and more. Really sweet stuff.             

I love love love Happy Tape. Great for craft projects, wrapping gifts and decorating goodie bags.      

happy tape      

Hope you like my picks! Email me at  with your favorite things or comment below. Thanks for reading.

Where I am a cheap date or Sofra fits the bill for a Tuesday dinner (and breakfast the next day)

I just decided that I am vain…about my blog. I am writing this post about dinner last night – even before I have taken any photos – because that ugly double down is the first thing you see when you pull up my site.

So, dinner. A rare (really rare) dinner out with my husband (during the week! without the kids!) and I wanted…a fancy candlelit dinner? Wine? Table service?  Nope. I wanted… Sofra. I am all about the food. Fresh, beautifully prepared food. Fancy does not factor – well, sometimes it is nice but this is what I craved.  Sofra is open until 7  p.m. and we  made it there from our house in just 15 minutes (the ride may have seemed longer to my husband as I was starving and maybe more than once might have mentioned it).  I have been wanting to go back since my like-minded foodie friend brought me here. I may have mentioned that to him once or twice, too…grin.

So even though we got there around 6:30, fairly close to closing time, the staff was unfailingly polite and lovely. We didn’t feel rushed (any sense of urgency was self-imposed) and had a delicious chicken schwarma and a wonderful stuffed flatbread and a gorgeous salad platter with extra bread  – always opt for the extra bread!   Their herbal iced tea was sweet and light and refreshing (I need no caffeine at this hour – old, so old!  – but rarely like an herbal iced tea when out) but this was perfect.  We sat at a copper topped table and shared everything and talked. It was really relaxing and exactly right for a Tuesday night in the ‘burbs.

Dessert is never an afterthought – for me, anyway.  I peeked past a stunning crumb cake and saw…three earthquake cookies left! I asked for all the remaining and was told there were more! I only got four, one for me after dinner, one each for the children and one more for me sometime tomorrow?  I had to compare them to the Chocolate Cinnamon cookies that I just made….these are different (more cake-like, brownie-ish) and so so good.

I also picked up some of their perfect hummus and the pale pale eggs of slightly different colors (I think of these as Martha Stewart eggs because that’s where I first learned that eggs could be so gorgeous). The eggs will be a later breakfast, I got a lemon poppyseed cake to have with my tea this morning. Maybe that is why I am up so early.
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