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Queen Bee, Newton Free Library Book Sale and Tom Friedman Pottery Exhibit

Sometimes you stumble upon a sale and you feel really good about yourself, or is that just me? My mom and sisters and I are practically competitive shoppers – truly. If you are so nice as to compliment one of us, we never demurely smile and say “Thank you”, as any well-bred lady would. Nope! We have to regale you with the story of the sale, the provenance of the item or, if you are really lucky (or family), just the price. Exchanges go something like this:

“Hey, I really like that shirt”

“Oh, thanks – $6 at Old Navy.”

That is our polite response. Impolite response “Six bucks”, and yes, we do buy shirts for six bucks.

Some of us are trying to break this habit and practice saying “Thank you” a lot. We are chatty and proud – so this is hard. It is going to be much more difficult to do after we shop this sale – items from a store (formerly known as Queen Bee – locations in Newton and on Newbury Street) are a whopping 85% off – REALLY! And, because you are so nice, if you buy five items or more (which you will want to do), then everything is 90% off! Okay, okay, I will tell you more. There are designer jeans (Hudson, James Jeans) and designers – Milly, Shoshanna, DVF, Alice & Trixie, Rebecca Taylor, Manuel Canovas Swim and many more. There are mostly women’s clothes which are beautiful and there are also baby and toddler items (blankets, hats, sweaters, shoes).

The Deets: (Details)

What: An Everything Must Go Sale – my favorite kind! Bathing suits, day and evening dresses, blouses, sweaters, tanks, skirts, jewelry, shoes (if you are stuck for a Father’s Day gift there are also some ties – go ahead – it is a classic – buy him a book, too and you are good to go).

Where: 15 Spencer Street, West Newton, MA  – adjacent to L’Aroma Cafe – wonderful coffee, tea and delicious baked goods. yummy salads and sandwiches for lunch so you can sustain yourself if your shopping spree runs long and you tire of carrying out armloads of bargains.


Friday, June 3  – 8 am to 5 p.m. Special Morning of Shopping from 8 to 11 am – Free coffee (maybe some baked goods?) Bring a friend or two…

Saturday, June 4 – 10 am to 5 pm and Sunday, June 5 from 10 am to 5 pm (added bonus on Sunday – There is an exhibit and brunch reception (with music) for Tom Friedman, a Newton potter who combines his love of simplicity, repetition and nature in different forms from teapots to Japanese cups to vases to platters.

Better hurry in – I have to confess that I shopped the sale and got sweet rain boots and a pair of Vince khakis and some adorable cotton pants for work for under $100 and there is still a lot of stuff left – I promise I will leave something for you!

Maybe you already know this but I am a huge fan of the Newton Free Library and they are having a sale, too – June 4 and 5 – in the Auburndale Library. Check it out for inexpensive books, cds and dvds.

The Friends of the Newton Library will be holding their quarterly Book Sale on Saturday June 4th from 10-3 and Sunday June 5th from noon to 3 at the Auburndale Library located at 375 Auburn Street .  Please enter downstairs through doors on the sides of the building. We have a wide variety of adult and children’s book very reasonably priced. Non fiction is shelved by category and fiction is shelved alphabetically. There is also a selection of DVD, CDs and audio books. All proceeds support the library.

More info about Tom Friedman’s Reception:

Tom Friedman’s Flat Forms & Nature Exhibit Celebration Brunch with Classical Music  

10:30 to 1, Sunday, June 5th

L’Aroma Café and Bakery

2nd Floor Art Gallery

West Newton, MA *(behind Bank of America)

Admission Free, Pottery for Sale

To benefit Newton Schools Foundation

Tom Friedman is a Newton potter who combines his love of simplicity, repetition and nature in different forms from teapots to Japanese cups to vases to platters. His current work (“Flat Forms and Nature”) touches on the serendipity offered by the wide variety of organic tools offered from the clay arts. Working in brown and white stoneware, he has built his canvases for the current exhibit from platters of different shapes, sizes and thicknesses. He has decorated somewhat freely like an abstract painter with slips of different dark hues.

RSVP (encouraged) to  t-friedman@comcast.net

Local Artist Sharon Schindler

sharon schindler photogrpahy diceIt is true, I know this fantastic local artist, Sharon Schindler, and have since our children were in preschool – yes, that is a long time. Sharon has a wonderful eye and the ability to capture what she sees on film and share it with the rest of us. We went to Brimfield together with Pragmatic Mom this summer and Sharon barely shopped – she was so busy taking notice of cool things and clicking away. Pragmatic Mom was scoring, among other things, a genuine croc handbag for $15, and I was searching for a 1950s glass juicer (to replace the one someone broke).  Sharon’s work for the day (and she drove us there and brought a lunch, too) resulted in several really cool photographs. Her ability to remain focused despite 90 degree heat and dust-bowl conditions is really impressive – the fact that she captures such breathtaking vignettes is outstanding…that she is so nice and funny is even better.

Here is a link her newly launched website, Sharon Schindler Photography, where you can see her portfolio and you can even come to her opening reception on Thursday, November 11 (from 7 – 10 p.m.) at L’Aroma Cafe, 15 Spencer Street in West Newton, Massachusetts. sharon schindler photography - canoes on the charlesThe photos would be cool enough framed but they are transferred and stretched onto large canvas frames – some are 24 x 32 and look like paintings.

Stuff to like about today: learned social media stuff, lunched on Newbury Street and engaged in a little retail therapy to finish things off. Now if only dinner would make itself.

Today we had a great meeting of The Coffee Shop Bloggers but instead of the usual L’Aroma in Newton, we headed into town and met at the Newbury Street location. Now, you are thinking, get out much? Umm…no, not really and we like this place and the owners and the food. Great vibe and even better people watching.

We had the meeting in Boston so that we could get a tutorial from a friend who is a TweetDeck  and overall social media expert (actually there were two social media savvy individuals in attendence – my, aren’t we impressive?) but you are asking what the heck  is TweetDeck?  It is a way to manage your Twitter account(s) and connect them to FaceBook and LinkedIn.  As we are in varying stages of using TweetDeck and social media,  our questions were all over the map (plus we all talk over each other anyway) and I think we exhausted our guest speaker. That’s okay, he’s young and will probably recover quickly.

We were on Newbury Street so a few of us accidently fell into Jonathan Adler. Love that store!  Gorgeous, whimsical and fun. jonathan adler mother child pillow from capability momjonathan adler table from capability mom The small picture is of  the Mother Child pillow (it comes in other colors) – so sweet and the table is just gorgeous – a lacquer tray table that would look amazing in my family room.

Design Track Mind’s Melissa Gulley was there and is super fun to shop with – she has such a great eye – Pragmatic Mom and I want to steal her for a day (or two) and make her, I mean, ask her nicely if she would like to, shop with us. The sales people in the store were friendly and helpful and we walked out with a pillow, a heart locket key chain and the most adorable sticky notes ever.

jonathan adler heart keychain capability mom

Jonathan Adler has just introduced Jonathan Adler Junior, a line for babies and children. So so sweet and fun, great furniture, wallpaper, rugs and more. This chair is super sweet and there is an adorable kissing giraffe rug that I love.jonathan adler junior from capability mom

cursing, coffee and laughs

Perfect Coffee at L'Aroma
L'Aroma hot chocolate

Picture a large room with huge windows, a small couch and two comfortable chairs.  Beautifully prepared  lattes and steaming teas in over-sized mugs sit on a low table where baked goods and notebooks fight for space.  It started not so long ago with four women who stumbled upon a common interest and started meeting every Thursday morning in this sweet tea and coffee shop.  As our numbers grew, we moved upstairs to this sun-filled room where ideas and laughter bounce off the walls and folding chairs were added to the circle.   The staff is sweet and accommodating and the food is nourishing and delightful.  When we started meeting we would each order a scone or muffin and cut it into quarters and placed it in the center of the table to share.  While we still do that, we have progressed into sandwiches and salads – we know we are here for a while.  The owner almost always bring us a sample of some delicious new treat and we are still thrilled each time.  The Coffee Shop Bloggers began here and our number has increased.  We are all bloggers who are in various stages of preparedness (some new, some established) but all funny, nice, smart,  supportive and collectively competent as we navigate the sometimes frustrating medium we have chosen.  We talk, laugh, interrupt each other, creatively swear, laugh, give helpful advice or insight, talk over each other and laugh and swear some more.  It is one of the most amazingly honest and supportive group of women ever. Did I mention bright, funny and capable?  Our strengths are different but complimentary and our voices get louder and more excited as the meeting stretches past noon. It is an energetic oasis in the middle of a week that is primarily dedicated to the care of others. We are wives and mothers, working outside of the house and not, all seeking to find a means of expression, creativity and business plans in the midst of the usual hub-bub of our days.

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