Tall Ship mock battle - July 1,, 2012 - capability mom blognavy week boston - capability mom blogThere are so many options, my head is spinning! Here is the schedule for the Harborfest  on July 4th (the last day) and here is a link from the lovely folks at Boston Central that will help you find local (professional – see previous post, please) fireworks and other holiday events. This is a wonderful resource – bookmark this page and be safe!

OpSail is in Boston through July 5 then on to New London, CT –  July 6-8. Navy week runs through July 6. There are tons of other fun things to do and see in Boston, don’t miss the new Tea Party Museum on Congress Street and throw some tea overboard. Or take a Segway tour of Boston, and there are so many boats giving tours – give one a try!

Don’t forget the Harbor Islands – cool off on a boat ride out and explore a part of Boston you may have never seen.








Me? I’m busy thinking up ways to not cook and still provide nutritional food that my family will eat. A foodie friend just gave me a recipe for quinoa tabouli from Bon Appetit.  It was delicious and loved the substitution of this protein. These same foodie friends were making pretty bruschetta on the grill. Goat cheese, mint, basil, figs, tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese were the topping selections. Yum. Grill counts as no-cook (really, anything that doesn’t heat up the kitchen).

bruschetta on the grill capability mom blogbruschetta on the grill - capabilitymom blog