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Really. I wrote it about Purim. What is Purim? You will find out here, too. is a great resource and site.

Kosher Dairy Lunch or What I learned in Preschool –

Kosher Dairy Lunch or What I learned in Preschool –

capability mom kosher dairy lunch or what i learned in preschool interfaithfamily.comIf a blog is not a place for shameless self-promotion, then where is the place for shameless self-promotion? No, really, I want to know. Go to the above link and read my first piece for Interfaith Family – a site with great, well-written and informative articles and is great resource even if you are not in the interfaith way.

Now here is what I am talking about

Why am I Capability : Mom? Because sometimes I am so capable…like today. What happened today? Well, I combined a puppy playdate and business meeting with Pragmatic Mom – we talked about Coffee Shop Bloggers and other social media stuff while our dogs gamboled in the grass. Nice, really. Then, I washed the dog – okay, mostly my helpers did but I drove over-heating (it is the a/c – not engine) Mommy Car to the place where we wash her (BYOD), then I finished an article for and fixed the dishwasher. Fixed the dishwasher? Surely you mean you hired someone? Phoned a friend? Nope, I fixed it. I was frustrated that it was Sunday and I couldn’t get anyone to fix it (even if I could it would be billed at time and a half) and darling spouse was away in New York with friends. So I found a great site – and followed the instructions on how to fix a dishwasher and while that didn’t exactly work it told me that the problem was the floater something – so I rinsed out the screen in the bottom of the machine and threw a cup of water into it. I turned it on and it worked. Okay, no, I didn’t take apart the machine or the water connections but nor did I pay someone $100 to rinse out a screen. Maybe not a professional job, but I think it counts for something. Oh, and I made a nice dinner, too.

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