The Mayor’s STEM Nights – Newton, MA

On Tuesday, October 21st, Mayor Warren will launch “The Mayor’s STEM Nights” series, a new initiative designed to spark Newton students’ interest in the STEM disciplines – science, technology, engineering and mathematics.  Each month, a different local STEM industry business will provide an exciting, hands-on experience for students to generate excitement in STEM, building on a larger city effort to engage students outside of the . . . → Read More: The Mayor’s STEM Nights – Newton, MA

Gifting Granola – Day 1 of the 12 Days of Shopping

From my place in a chocolate centered universe, I considered that some people might mind that this gift is (gasp!) chocolate free, but I have learned that not everyone likes chocolate. Really, it’s true. So while either of these granola recipes stand on their own, if you really feel you must, oh, I don’t know, put lipstick on a pig, feel free to add chocolate kisses or Lindt truffles or chocolate coins (coins pictured are from Trader Joe’s – they have a great selection of holiday candy) to ease your mind. I package these treats in a variety of ways, tins, cello bags, parchment paper, waxed paper bags – get creative, use what you have on hand and top it with some rick rack or ribbon and a card. Add tea, coffee or hot chocolate and you have a lovely gift. . . . → Read More: Gifting Granola – Day 1 of the 12 Days of Shopping

Weekday Dinners

capability blog chicken dinner easy weeknight recipes

Plan two days out and make the third day an easy default recipe (some pasta dish that your family loves). Here is my Monday-Tuesday solution. Buy two whole chickens (on sale at Whole foods for 99 cents per pound) and roast them both at the same time. Make one your Monday dinner with roasted veggies. I added potatoes and apples to the pan, any root vegetable would be great or squash. Note, the apples will be mush if you leave them in for the whole time. My go-to recipe is from The Barefoot Contessa . . . → Read More: Weekday Dinners

May Day…as in the first of May, not Mayday as in help…

A friend is putting together a May Day Breakfast for our walking group tomorrow and I am making blueberry muffins from the Flour cookbook. No, they won’t be as good as Joanne Chang’s – no matter how closely I follow the recipe – that woman is magic – but I did a trial run yesterday with blackberries and the muffins were delicious (if I do say so myself) and I can make the batter today and bake tomorrow morning. I’ll let you know how they come out -I used fresh blackberries but wanted wild blueberries so I bought frozen packages at Trader Joe’s. . . . → Read More: May Day…as in the first of May, not Mayday as in help…