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Put on your Sunscreen! (giveaway)

IMG_4742IMG_4732Even though I know that I should always use sunscreen (because my derm told me so), sometimes I forget (shh, don’t tell) but so you won’t forget, here’s a little something to keep you covered.

A box of sample size sunscreen tubes (the perfect size for your handbag, diaper bag, first aid kit, the glove compartment or doesn’t your car have stuff crammed in it like mine?

Also, five soft stretchy elastic hair ties (they won’t leave a  bump in your hair) and a Coolibar Sunhat.

Okay, I love Coolibar products and I got this white wide-brimmed sunhat is from Getting Gorgeous 2013 in New York City but decided to share it as a giveaway (I got a lot of stuff at Getting Gorgeous, people! Just sharing the wealth).


So, you know what to do, see the Rafflecopter below?

There are three ways to enter to win:

Leave a comment and answer the pressing question: Do you wear sunscreen everyday?

“Like Krauss Dermatology’s Facebook Page (which is not only my go-to for great info but they also donate $1 to The One Fund Boston for every like)

Follow Krauss Dermatology on Twitter

The samples and ties are from Krauss Dermatology – I kicked in the sunhat because it goes so well with the giveaway and it’s just sitting in my office anyway because I usually just wear a baseball cap (so not fancy).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Chic Hair Ties (for a prettier ponytail)

Chic Hair Ties (for a prettier ponytail) – DIY and a GiveawayFOE hair bands capability mom, hair ties, stretchy hair ties, pony tails, elastic, fold over elastic hair ties, trendy ties,

For my birthday this year a sweet and stylish friend gave me a gift certificate to MiniLuxe (love!) and some beautiful stylish hair ties. They were lovely summer pastel shades and I killed them wore them out with my pony tail wearing ways. So off to replace them, or so I thought. My thrifty Yankee self balked when I saw them at my hair salon (3 for $18) and when I figured out that the ties were basically underwear elastic in pretty colors, I knew I was on a quest (not all quests are created equal).

FOE hair bands capability mom, hair ties, stretchy hair ties, pony tails, elastic, fold over elastic hair ties, trendy ties, Yes, I searched online for the type of elastic and found some unsightly sites but then I found a blog (naturally) that had the elusive name of the elastic…FOE (Fold Over Elastic)! Eureka! The search was immeasurably easier now and I found plenty of Etsy and wholesale sites that sell this miracle elastic. These ties don’t leave a bump in your hair when you take it down. I ordered my first batch- cost $2.50 for five yards (plus shipping) and had a tying party in my back yard with a friend while we sipped on some refreshing ginger limeade. We whipped through 10 yards in no time and I loaded her down with hair ties to send to her daughter at camp. These are great to tuck into a care package for camp or college, a favor for birthday or shower. Get your school or team colors and wear two together, tie dye them (or buy them already tie dyed).

In the first batch I cut at an angle to prevent fraying, my second order of ties, I used a lighter to singe the ends slightly (only slightly – hold the flame near the bands). I do not have mad crafting skills (maybe I will show you crafting attempts gone bad another time when I feel like inviting public ridicule).

FOE hair bands capability mom, hair ties, stretchy hair ties, pony tails, elastic, fold over elastic hair ties, trendy ties,

First, order your bands (I used Bitsy Bands – excellent customer service and great colors to choose from). When the envelope of pretty elastic arrives, grab a ruler, some decent scissors and a lighter. The elastic comes in lengths of 5, 10 or 20 yards (or you can really go all out and get a roll of 100 yards). Cut the elastic to desired length (if you have really thick hair cut every 10-11 inches for hair ties, we find an elastic cut to 9 inches works well and fits on your wrist which is where mine are when not in my hair). For headbands, measure first but cut at about FOE hair bands capability mom, hair ties, stretchy hair ties, pony tails, elastic, fold over elastic hair ties, trendy ties, 18 inches. You can finish headbands the same way, in a knot, or use fabric glue and/or needle and thread for a more polished look.

One site recommended cutting the elastic on an angle to prevent fraying and another recommended slightly singeing the ends which works even better. Hold the flame near but not on the end of the band, the frayed edges will melt a bit. If the edges turn black, you’ve held it too close.

Make a knot in the elastic and you are done. tie them a bit loosely at first so it is easier to retie if you want to adjust it.

I like to take pretty card stock cut to about 4-5 inches to wrap the bands around for a gift. So far I have been giving them away so in that spirit (and before I start selling them out of the back of my car), here is a giveaway of pretty hair ties.

What do you have to do? Like me and four hundred other blogs on Facebook? Tweet this? Follow me on Twitter? Nope. Just comment below and I will use And The Winner Is…Plugin to determine not one but three winners! I am just nice like that. The giveaway will last for one week and winners will be notified by email. The colors of the hair ties will be as pictured.

Have a Good Hair Day!

UPdate: The winners are Ambre, Katrina and Alexa! You will be contacted by email – Thank you to all who participated. If you really like the hair ties and did not win, you can buy them here, too (see sidebar). If you are local go to Just Next Door or Morningsilver Gallery in Newton are carrying them now.


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