The Perfect Portion Cookbook – perfectly in time.

While we always strive for balance here – sometimes things tip in a not ideal direction. Like keeping to healthy eating during the holidays, or special events or…heck, I’ll say it, winter. So I was thrilled to get to review The Perfect Portion Cookbook and, happy days – this snow day is perfect time to explore comfort food in just right portion recipes. Oh, and . . . → Read More: The Perfect Portion Cookbook – perfectly in time.

Dinner is Served (Or Lunch)

capability mom makes smitten kitchen cream of tomato soup

Love Smitten Kitchen and not quite sure why no one has seen fit to give me the cookbook yet, even me, who is very good at getting gifts for myself…maybe this week. So a certain child came home from a sports practice STARVING and I would like to say I had this on the stove and ready to eat but it was not the case. . . . → Read More: Dinner is Served (Or Lunch)