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Lunch with a view, a water view at that, at Pier 6

Honestly, when it rains, it pours. Happy days of lunching with my blogger buds (is that our group name?) continues as we visit another lovely lunch place – Pier 6 in Charlestown.

Now, if you know me, you know I am the type of person who has rules, likes rules (well, until I don’t) and generally obeys rules. I think it’s a first born thing. Maybe not. Anyway, when a sign says “No Parking – Street Cleaning” – I observe that rule – even if I didn’t see the sign at first and it means running out to my car…twice. Pier 6 has parking – so just park in the lot and avoid the crazy making, even though it was totally worth running out to my car – gorgeous clear day, special bonding time with my friend who had to move her car, too. And I worked up an appetite for, and thus could justify eating so much of this delicious tasting lunch.


So lunch was chatty and fun and fantastic. This local find is a great place for a get together with friends, a working lunch (try not to get distracted by the view), a first (or a fiftieth) date, a work party or a special event. Wonderful service, delicious entree and snacks, yes, great bar snacks. So about those rules I have. I rate places based on an undisclosed and ever shifting algorithm although this is only time I will ever admit to using an algorithm or even knowing what one is. What are the factors? Location (amazing), ease of parking (I don’t care if I have to pay – just have some parking), quality of food (outstanding), quality of service (personable, professional and friendly), and cleanliness (top marks. And, yes, I do check bathrooms).

On all of my counts, Pier 6 comes out as a top choice. We had, among other things, gorgeous oysters, a wonderful lobster roll and a perfect cheese plate that already have me planning another visit. Check out Deb’s blog A Little Bit About A Lot of Things for a rundown on our tasting menu.

Also, there are so many decks to walk out on and soak up the view – it’s also fun site to explore. Located in Charlestown right on the water and just steps from the U.S.S. Constitution. I wish I had known about it when our family visited – it would have made that afternoon a little sweeter and I might not have had to buy that feather pen.

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Disclaimer: I was hosted as a guest of Pier 6 for lunch. All opinions are always, and always will be, my own.

Scones, muffins…are you in the know? Local area food donations go…? this is where you come in.

How do you help in your community?  I do a little bit but think I can do more.  The following was in this week’s  Newton Tab and  it was my husband’s idea to post it on my blog (thanks, honey). It also ties in with a project I am working on with two friends.

The Newton Food Pantry needs help.  It is a great organization run by volunteers in the basement of the (former) Waban branch libary (the building is now run by the Waban Improvement Society).  The Village Bank ( a local Newton bank) is partnering with the Newton Pride Committee  to re-stock the shelves of the food pantry.  Donations are welcome from April 5-19 in collection boxes at Village Bank locations throughout Newton and at the Newton Cultural Center in Newtonville.  If you are in the area, they are looking for donations of non-perishable foods, toiletries, diapers and cleaning products.  Many thanks.

This leads me to the project.  One day, while talking with two friends, the question came up about what happens to stuff at local bakeries at the end of the day.  We each chose a bakery, now that we have places that are willing to donate, we are looking at how to get the food to places that need it. 

New York City has City Harvest which is  a  “food rescue organization”.   It started with a group of volunteers (25 years ago) who “connected and a handful of neighborhood restaurants to food programs serving meals to those in need”.  So far the response has been overwhelmingly positive and we haven’t even gotten to restaurants yet.

I know about Community Servings in Boston and the Greater Boston Food Bank , two wonderful organizations. Is there already a City Harvest model  in Boston? Is there anything like it?

Do you know anyone who has started something like this? Any help would be appreciated. Please feel free to send this along.

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