Gift guide for Teens from

Gift guide for Teens from (you know you could use the help getting ready for the holidays)

I like to shop, bargain shop if the truth be told, anyone can just shop, but shopping with the clear purpose of getting great stuff and saving money – well, that’s how I have to shop – it’s part of my imprint now and no small source . . . → Read More: Gift guide for Teens from

Uncommonly Good Gifts

Uncommonly Good Gifts

While my posting frequency may be down, it’s not that I have been just lying around binge watching Netflix or anything (ahem), it’s just I haven’t been writing about what I have been up to but I’m back on track, well, at least with the writing thing, and on the plus side, I am up to date on Mad Men.

Okay…What exactly . . . → Read More: Uncommonly Good Gifts

Holiday Pop Up Shop

Gift Giving for Spouses – Day 9 – The Good Gifts

This is challenging (not for me, my gift list is always available and up-to-date), but for my significant other, who is less inclined to have a wish list, (truth be told, he doesn’t ask for a lot and would just as soon buy it himself) and always says nothing when asked what he wants, Sigh. Kind of a holiday killjoy? No, think of it as a puzzle or a challenge. Sure, you can go with Smart wool socks or a good book, but what would really surprise this difficult to decode gift recipient? For mine, athletic wear is always a sure bet, and he runs (and walks the dog) in all kinds of weather so I am getting these ArmourĀ® Fleece Storm Pants. We love the jacket I reviewed in this fabric from Under Armour. . . . → Read More: Gift Giving for Spouses – Day 9 – The Good Gifts