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    How do you feel about math? Good, iffy, hate it so much you don’t want to read this?

    × ¼∫ −³  ∞ √ ≈ ≠ ∏ ≡ ≥ ≤ ¹

    Did you know that fifty percent of available jobs are math based? Well, it’s true. So if you  – or your children –  are closed off to thinking you are good at math, well, you do the math. That’s a lot of missed opportunity.

    Before you think I am getting all preachy,  I am only slightly math-phobic  – sorry, Dad, but it’s not like that is news – I am having a flashback to a dining room table and not understanding the “engineer’s way”of solving a problem and tears, mine, possibly Dad’s.

    Having said that I am committed to my children not having the same experience with math so I found the most amazing tutor on the planet. First, she is sweet and kind and really pretty (like Disney princess pretty but with a killer math brain and a great sense of humor) and has helped both of my children with math where I could not.

    So just because I do not care for math, I have been able to break the cycle and both of my children are terrific in math. The new links in the sidebar are all from the amazing tutor and  I am completely stealing Pragmatic Mom’s idea of having math site links on her site – Feel free to take some of these,  Pragmatic Mom and everyone else, enjoy – they are really fun sites.

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