It must be synchronicity or something

The world works in funny ways – I have to go to Treat Cupcake Bartreat cupcake bar needham from (I know it is a tough job but I will take a hit for the team) because I have heard about it a dozen different ways in the past weeks and because I do love cupcakes and you get to build your own cupcakes so, really, it is for the children. I will report later this week.  I also have to go to Sofra – I am picking up a friend’s farm share while they are away -and the pick up spot is in the store – tough week. Earthquake cookies to go, please.  It is our turn for our shared farm share this week as well so I would love any veggie recipes or we will be eating lots and lots of salads. More baked goods but balanced by veggies, so that’s good, right? Right?capability mom goes to sofra

Then, after I put up the Woman’s Day link to those great food bloggers, another friend sent me a link to great stuff to do in Portland, Maine…from Woman’s Day! Seriously, is it time to look into this august publication again? I don’t know but so far, very promising. The website is well organized and they even make fun of their old covers here.

capability mom finds woman's dayPost Script:
Okay, something is up – I just got back from a visit to the dermatologist’s – just a look at something I thought should be looked at – and while in the waiting room of this lovely practice, I saw, yes, you guessed it…Woman’s Day magazine – so I read it, of course. The articles are good, the writing is very good and I was all set to be tucked in to this issue but the very prompt and professional staff at Krauss Dermatology did not allow a good long read. All the better. I think I should at the very least go buy my own copy at this point.

capability mm finds two great resources in woman's day magazine

A cleanse with juice…actually joos as in

The thing is, I have a really long learning curve on certain things…like getting certain WordPress widgets to work and how to eat healthy and, generally, when to take a breath before I speak.  The tech stuff I can plug away at, the breathing thing – well, that is a work in progress…the food thing…hmm. While generally I do eat well…I just have a weak spot – well, a time  actually, between 4 and 6 pm…the witching hour. I know it is a shared experience and that I am not the only person on the planet who thinks she can eat the way she did when she was younger (and I ate like a truck driver and did not gain weight – don’t bother hating me for it – it is done now).  You would think I would have figured this out by now – but, no. So here is the next thing, I met Lauri Meizler of and she is an energetic and convincing woman.  I have recently joked that I needed a cleanse – I even half-heartedly tried one – does drinking two wheat grass shots over two days and some carrot juice count? I am thinking it does not…

Anyway, I want to feel better and am willing to try the Joos cleanse and I am starting on Tuesday. I will keep to it (and probably not bake) for seven days. Are you with me? Well, you can read about it, you don’t have to do it. I promise I will record it faithfully and honestly and most likely, crankily…I’m just saying…I get cranky without food. We will see…I am keeping an open mind but I am cautiously optimistic and skeptical at the same time. Healthy or what? Now I have to get all of these G-D cookies I just baked out of my house.

veggies from drink joos

Rainbow cakes are everywhere

You know I made the rainbow cake

rainbow cake capability mom
Capability Mom's Rainbow Cake from The Whisk Kid's recipe

from The Whisk Kid (and she was on Martha) but now I find rainbow cakes everywhere. Here are some of my favorites:

rainbow cake with fruit from huckleberry stew Huckleberry Stew This rainbow cake is not only topped with fruit but the coloring of the cake is fruit based – in case you are wary of using food coloring.

huckleberry stew rainbow cake capability mom

The recipe comes  from I am baker blog – gorgeous, creative and fun.

rainbow cake sweetnicks

Here on Sweetnicks, a mom makes her rainbow cake from a box mix and it is beautiful. Hey, small kids, no time to bake, purdy peas rainbow cake capability momMartha wouldn’t cut those corners but I would. Above, from Purdy Peas is another beautiful cake – check out that icing. All good and fun cakes – perfect for upcoming graduation parties.

Of course, this gorgeous outrageous layer cake from Kevin Sharkey on

kevin sharkey's rainbow cake on martha stewart

Why I Blog – Magazine – The Atlantic

capability mom goes to fenwayThis is an amazingly thoughtful and wonderfully written  piece (sent to me by a lovely and thoughtful friend)  by Andrew Sullivan who writes but much better than I can  Why I Blog – Magazine – The Atlantic.

Here is a link from Pragmatic Mom (on CoffeeShopBloggers where we also write)about why moms blog.

Happy Reading! If you are wondering why I haven’t posted all weekend, it is because I was having what my sister-in-law called a “Rock Star” weekend. We were out three nights (in a row!) until midnight each night. Maybe I should call it my Cinderella weekend. I ate delicious food, had wonderful wine, danced, hung out with fun friends and cheered for the home team. Oh, almost forgot – saw the Cavaliers exit the bus at their hotel on Friday after their victory over the Celtics – they all looked like their knees were killing them -a brush with stardom moment – LeBron James and company.

Dinner out Friday with lovely friends and food, a wonderful Bat Mitzvah party on Saturday (more lovely friends and food) and the Red Sox game on Sunday (even more lovely friends and only a little food -thankfully). I also managed a Mother’s Day lunch (Tapas) with family, and a soccer game.  Capability Mom might have to go a juice fast. My coach already turned back into my 10 year old station wagon and I will be working in the yard spreading mulch today, so I think it is safe to say I am back to real life.

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