sharon schindler photogrpahy diceIt is true, I know this fantastic local artist, Sharon Schindler, and have since our children were in preschool – yes, that is a long time. Sharon has a wonderful eye and the ability to capture what she sees on film and share it with the rest of us. We went to Brimfield together with Pragmatic Mom this summer and Sharon barely shopped – she was so busy taking notice of cool things and clicking away. Pragmatic Mom was scoring, among other things, a genuine croc handbag for $15, and I was searching for a 1950s glass juicer (to replace the one someone broke).  Sharon’s work for the day (and she drove us there and brought a lunch, too) resulted in several really cool photographs. Her ability to remain focused despite 90 degree heat and dust-bowl conditions is really impressive – the fact that she captures such breathtaking vignettes is outstanding…that she is so nice and funny is even better.

Here is a link her newly launched website, Sharon Schindler Photography, where you can see her portfolio and you can even come to her opening reception on Thursday, November 11 (from 7 – 10 p.m.) at L’Aroma Cafe, 15 Spencer Street in West Newton, Massachusetts. sharon schindler photography - canoes on the charlesThe photos would be cool enough framed but they are transferred and stretched onto large canvas frames – some are 24 x 32 and look like paintings.