Fancy Nancy’s Candy

Families First : Parenting in the Digital Age – A fundraising event that inspired, entertained and educated…then over to The Local for a bite to eat.

Last week (yes, the same day I resisted chocolates from Fancy Nancy – only to succumb another day), I went to a fundraiser for Families First , a great organization that offers parenting workshops in the Greater Boston area.  It was held at the Boston College Club in downtown Boston (on the 36th floor of what I call the pregnant building or, really, the Bank of America building). Great views, a  nice glass of white wine, some killer appetizers and a great group of people…now we were all in the mood for…more wine?  Nope, a parenting talk. Fortunately, and as is customary for Families First, we were in for a treat…not just a parenting talk but a truly inspiring parenting talk.

The first speaker was La Verne Saunders, a wonderfully enthusiastic, funny and knowledgeable parent educator from Families First.  She did a fantastic job of engaging the audience (of mostly tired parents) and showing how a parenting class would be run. We laughed, nodded and smiled at each other as we all made connections to her presentation of how the principles and values in our lives affect our parenting decisions and how sometimes we ignore them and why.

Next was the keynote speaker, John Palfrey of Harvard University, who immediately charmed the audience by sharing that he would not take up much time as he had a date with his son at the Red Sox game and joking that La Verne was a tough act to follow – she is – and he was as compelling.  He has co-written, Born Digital: Understanding the First Generation of Digital Natives and here is a link to his site Digital Natives at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University. He spoke about children and their digital experience and presented a short film (by a student) that showed it clearly and wonderfully. Here is the video.  It is amazing to visualize your – or your child’s – tracks in the digital age. Digital Dossier from Digital Natives.

I have several friends who have long been involved with Families First and have been lucky enough to see first hand (at workshops and other events like this) what Families First can do.  I have always been impressed by the program offerings, the parent educators and the people involved and this night was no exception.

After the event, a group of us met up at The Local, a great neighborhood spot that is truly the neighborhood’s favorite spot, a great space with friendly staff and wonderful food.  Home to amazing burgers, fries (and I do know my burgers and fries) and phenomenal flatbread pizzas and some lobster mac and cheese dish that I want to try.  Definitely not your standard fare. The chef is Brian Counihan (he is also the chef at Isabella’s in Dedham – more amazing food!)  We watched the finish of the Red Sox game, chatted with the super friendly owners… it was the perfect end to a lovely evening.

Fancy Nancy’s Candies…or how I resisted packages of chocolate goodness and managed to fit into my skirt.

dark chocolate purse candy from fancy nancy's candyPragmatic Mom  told me about a great site, Fancy Nancy’s Candy .  Of course, I love the name and we are all about the chocolate here, too.  I checked out the site and ate the head off of a chocolate bunny, I was so inspired.  Then about a week later, I was getting ready to go out (mid-week, mind you, a school night) to a fundraiser for Families First  (I will let you know about that wonderful event here) and was half-way committed to an outfit (black skirt, festive blouse) when Pragmatic Mom came by with samples from Fancy Nancy.  Tons of gorgeous, sweet samples in ribbon-tied bags. Luckily this was post-Easter (so I have been raiding the children’s candy stash Sorry, kids, I mean eating a bit more candy than usual)  and I was trying to actually fit into something to wear so the entire pretty, pretty bag of chocolate deliciousness was not consumed in one sitting by, well, just me.  There was one small price to pay;  we had to take photos of the chocolates and taste some and review them. Hardship, I know. 

There were dark and  milk chocolate covered everything:  pretzels, nut clusters, oreos and graham crackers (which were perfection) – side note – these are a particular favorite of mine and I actually make note of the chocolate to graham cracker ratio – and, yes, it can be wrong – and these were aces.  There were dark chocolate purses – so sweet for a party favor and almost too pretty to eat but not quite – and a darling (in the most masculine way) milk chocolate baseball glove cradling a white chocolate baseball. All delicious and we are serious about our chocolate.  The quality of chocolate is wonderful and the nut clusters were really good, too. I held off trying it all (although off-spring did devour some as well) so Pragmatic Mom and family coud have some, too.

chocolate covered grahams photo by capability mom for fancy nancy's candycapability mom photo of fancy nancy's candy
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