I did the Joos cleanse for five days and loved it.

max ultimate catering boston
photo from max ultimate

What? Are you rubbing your eyes in disbelief? I really did. I liked the energy that I had and that I did not once have heartburn and that I was incredibly mindful of the food I chose to eat.  I did keep to the cleanse through Day chewy lou designs tshirts5 and was willing to go through the weekend but a dinner party too good to be true (food was by Max Ultimate – see photo)  landed in my path and I am so glad I went and ate. Funnily enough,  I didn’t eat my usual quantities and hope the hostess did not think me rude, or worse, someone with body dimorphism. Everything was delicious and perfect from the seared tuna bites on kumquats and the chicken dumplings with truffle oil to the perfect halibut and short ribs and perfect peach cobbler.

This week I am back to normal-ish…the after effects of the cleanse (even my shortened one) have made me more aware of my food choices and as a forty-something year old, that is a very good thing. I did buy more roasted seaweed (since everyone else spit it out at first taste, I should have it all to myself and some other goodies introduced to me on the Joos ™ site. It is, however, June, the month when all activities ramp up by about 1000 percent. All are great but the sheer quantity is overwhelming. I am going to do the cleanse again this summer for the suggested 7 days and wean myself off caffeine first. Stay tuned.

A cleanse with juice…actually joos as in drinkjoos.com

The thing is, I have a really long learning curve on certain things…like getting certain WordPress widgets to work and how to eat healthy and, generally, when to take a breath before I speak.  The tech stuff I can plug away at, the breathing thing – well, that is a work in progress…the food thing…hmm. While generally I do eat well…I just have a weak spot – well, a time  actually, between 4 and 6 pm…the witching hour. I know it is a shared experience and that I am not the only person on the planet who thinks she can eat the way she did when she was younger (and I ate like a truck driver and did not gain weight – don’t bother hating me for it – it is done now).  You would think I would have figured this out by now – but, no. So here is the next thing, I met Lauri Meizler of drinkjoos.com and she is an energetic and convincing woman.  I have recently joked that I needed a cleanse – I even half-heartedly tried one – does drinking two wheat grass shots over two days and some carrot juice count? I am thinking it does not…

Anyway, I want to feel better and am willing to try the Joos cleanse and I am starting on Tuesday. I will keep to it (and probably not bake) for seven days. Are you with me? Well, you can read about it, you don’t have to do it. I promise I will record it faithfully and honestly and most likely, crankily…I’m just saying…I get cranky without food. We will see…I am keeping an open mind but I am cautiously optimistic and skeptical at the same time. Healthy or what? Now I have to get all of these G-D cookies I just baked out of my house.

veggies from drink joos

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