Our Dog

One part of my life that I have not written about is our dog. She is a poodle and golden retriever mix – yes, a golden doodle. We did not choose her because she is a designer dog but because of allergies. She is, in fact, hypoallergenic and non-shedding (for the most part, but in spring will lose her coat a bit).

She is a dog with a great disposition and she likes to chase squirrels, bark at other dogs  – when they walk by the house and she can’t get out to play – and is almost 4 years old.  When she was almost one, she couldn’t move – she spent one whole day lying in a lounge chair (only the best for the dog) and we took her to the vet. Our vet is great but sent us to Angell – an amazing resource of the MSPCA – truly a world-class facility. Gracie was diagnosed with polyarthritis which was presenting as a symptom of an auto-immune disease. And it was really expensive to learn this information ( just noting, not saying it wasn’t worth it) and it was a  long time with a lot of medicine, patience and love before she was better.  I think when she has puppy-lapses (in behavior) that it is because she missed the better part of a year being sick and not that we are just really bad a t training dogs, but it is probably that, too.

Happy Mother’s Day!

mama mugI woke up to my third child (our dog) who needed to go out and let me know by staring at me.  It happens to be quite effective.  As I was the only one awake (this is highly unusual but it has been a busy weekend), I got up and took her for a quick walk.  It is a beautiful, clear, cool sunny day and it was lovely. I came home to a slowly awakening house and had tea and read the paper. So far a perfect morning.  Later I will have lunch with my mother and (two of three – miss you, T!) sisters and sister-in-law for lunch in town.

I hope you are enjoying your Mother’s Day!

Our dog is adorable and, yes, sometimes we dress her up.

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