Chocolate and Fruit

As you may have divined, chocolate is one of my favorite food groups, so when Edible Arrangements offered to send me a basket of fruit dipped in chocolate…I said YES!… I mean… yes, please. The arrangement was from their Confetti Fruit Cupcake collection and is so cute! My kids were thrilled with it (we had to wait until everyone was home from camp to get this) and not just the chocolate dipped fruit either, but the pretty display actually encouraged the consumption of fruit. Yay. Not that I can order an Edible Arrangement every day (or could I?) but it does remind me to present the fruit in an attractive way if I want to steer them away from less healthy choices.

The chocolate covered pineapple cupcakes are yummy (both white and semisweet chocolate) and have the perfect amount of chocolate to fruit ratio (yes, there is one) and the fruit is, as always, fresh and perfectly ripe and delicious.
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Edible Arrangements sent me this arrangement but opinions, as always, are my own.

Wine and chocolate

capability mom finds chocolate covered wine a treatYou know that line from Jerry Maguire “You had me at hello” (pre-couch jumping days for Tom Cruise)? Well, this pairing had me at hello (and I am not an easy sell).  The first time I tried chocolate and wine together was at a really sweet vineyard in Napa Valley but that was a long time ago and now I get my wine and chocolate at Marty’s – a local liquor store that also has a pretty decent deli, with great cheeses and specialty foods, including chocolate. It’s nice but it’s no Napa.

Both Pragmatic Mom and I both received lovely bottles of…wait for it….chocolate covered wine! Seriously, you ask, how is that even possible? And, if possible, isn’t it…messy? Well, I was curious and thrilled to find out (germ freak that I am), that the bottle of wine is covered in a plastic wrapping that you take off with a sweet ribbon that runs up the side of the bottle and the chocolate peels off in gorgeous pieces. I opened mine over the outer plastic wrap to catch any crumbs but it really wasn’t that messy.

It is a really sweet idea for a unique hostess gift and the presentation is lovely.  The red is a California Meritage wine which is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Malbec and comes dipped in dark chocolate.  The white is a very nice California Chardonnay and the bottle is dipped in milk chocolate.  The chocolate is lovely,  rich, Belgian chocolate made by a small family owned business (they have been making chocolate since 1940).  Each bottle is hand dipped in the chocolate and presented in cellophane gift wrapping tied with a ribbon.  This is a nice value and the chocolate and wine are carefully chosen to nicely complement each other.  This would be a nice hostess gift or sweet addition to a night out with your girlfriends.

The shipping is FREE and the price is discounted by $5. That’s right, $0 Shipping. Reg. $44.95 Special $39.95. Prices from My Wines Direct.

Valentine’s Day is Monday, February 14 – it may be too late to get this in time for that day but at least you have a reminder and a good idea – chocolate and wine.

Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla

Yesterday after a lovely ice cream cone (chocolate, if you must know, I am a purist), we went to Barnes & Noble for books.  They are running a really cool promotion that Pragmatic Mom wrote about a while ago and that I forgot about (sorry, Pragmatic Mom, not very capable of me!)  Anyway, if a child (under 9 years of age) reads 8 books, Barnes and Noble will give them a free book. The books do not need to be purchased – library books are fine – the child has to fill out a form with the tltle and author if each book and they get to choose from a list of free books.  Click on this link to find out more about it. I was also thriilled to notice that most of the books on the Summer Picks table were books we have read or have on our list to read. Look in Capability Mom’s Store on Amazon to buy these great reads.

For my part, I love to be in a bookstore and while the crew I was with browsed, I sat down with Strawberry Girl by Lois Lenski (yes, it won the Newberry, yes, I know I love all the Newberry winners). I know I must have read it before and I was so engrossed and I almost finished it. It is set Florida in the time when it was still a frontier (early 20th century)  – so hard to imagine given the lush strip mall oasis it has become. The characters are wonderful and the language is rich and the dialect so thick that I had to re-read certain phrases to get it – for instance “Is it a fur piece?” means “Is it far away?(a far piece)”. Took me a minute. The story follows two families – the Slaters and the Boyers – and I want to get a copy today because I want to finish it.

Vanilla is for Vanilla Bread that I will make for a house guest to bring home to her family.

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