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MIT Museum capability mom …or What I Did On My Summer Vacation. Vacation? No. Staycation? Not quite that either. Call it The Day Camp Diaries. Take your regular children, add other people’s children in a carpool for maximum scheduling confusion (but you don’t drive every leg), add towns near and far, throw in some not-so coordinated start and end times and a smattering of schedule changes (Can you make a pick up in Weston and one in Cambridge with only a half hour in between? Yes, yes, you can) and you have my summer.

First world problem? Definitely. Gratitude problem? Quite possibly that too. However, I know I’m not alone in an increased summer driving requirement. Many of my friends (the ones whose children are not at sleep away camps, note to self, time to look at Maine Camp Experience) have a full component of children at home and/or in day camps. Once your kids are in different camps and have specialty (read one or two week programs) camps, you are doomed to drive way more than you ever thought possible. On the up side, you get to explore new lands with exotic food (off campus lattes and baked goods always taste better). capability mom meringues from flour bakery cookbookWhat is considered off campus? Anything that is out of your regular route.

Some off campus activities included the Boston waterfront and a visit to flour bakery + cafe which inspired the baking of meringues made by daughter and a friend – they even upped the meringue meter by adding raspberries, blueberries and chocolate (all were delicious but raspberry was the favorite). A carpool route went by Sofra so that was a must, we also visited the Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum and lunch in the cafe, the MIT Museum and another flour location) and the Wellesley Farmer’s Market (we did find a closed but pretty Whole Foods food truck – it was parked behind the Wellesley store (mysteriously, I can’t find any info on it – if you know something, send me a note!) and Captain Marden’s Seafoods has one, too, it was parked in the old Whole Foods parking lot on Washington Street. Follow them on Twitter @codsquadtruck for hours and locations./codsquadtruck captain marden's seafood capability mom

Whole Foods Food Truck capability mom blog
Mystery Whole Foods Food Truck


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A super social day where some social media did transpire…

but mostly it was social which works for me.

Yesterday I had a full day planned – hold on to your seats – tea with one friend, a meeting with another to look at some facebook and twitter stuff and a lunch with another friend then early camp pick-up – don’t ask – it is on the schedule.  One of the great things (aside from the super nice staff and delish teas) about meeting at L’Aroma is that I ended up seeing some more friends who were there for their own meeting – so nice! So even though our laptop struggled to connect to their wi-fi, we still covered a lot of ground.

I may have a problem with over-booking (don’t ask my husband, he has weighed in on this before) and it was a pretty tightly scheduled day –  so when everything ran late – I had to reschedule lunch (luckily I have a really nice friend and we are getting together this weekend instead) and was late to camp pick-up for the first time ever. No, really, ever. I have a car book that I have been reading every day in that carpool line – in the not only un-air conditioned Mommy Car but heated Mommy Car. (please let me just decide on a stupid car already. I swear I will take the first car that has a/c – I really would – it’s good thing my husband has a car with a/c and higher standards). So my cell phone battery died and there was a ten minute window when I couldn’t reach anyone – camp. kids –  you forget how dependent you become on technology. It’s not that it was ten minutes, it was the timing of those minutes – stuck behind a front loader going ten miles per hour while late for camp pick-up. Gosh, that was fun.

Fast forward to the recovery – a late lunch at Sofra where I picked up a friend’s farm share who couldn’t use her share this week – thank you, generous friend. Lunch was lovely and we ran into my doctor whose office is nearby – picking up her farm share – she hasn’t seen my youngest since she was a baby so that was nice.

Then an evening performance of the musical at the camp – so much wonderful energy and original music  – the cast was great and so talented. Fun! A very long day and I am looking forward to the weekend – I plan on walking, reading and, for something different, doing laundry.

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