Love the Office and e-reading – together, an unbeatable combination

I admit I have a slight problem not reaThe Office The Ultimatum Darryl's new year's resolution is to have a big reading year and he buys a Kobo ereaderding all of the time and when my children were younger I “modeled” good reading behavior – books everywhere and I read whenever I could – not exactly a hardship for me…grin.

It is a little more challenging to find time to read now, there is more email to check, Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin to update, plus writing and all the other usual stuff that fills the day. I have always had a car book on hand (something to read when I am early for picking someone up – not while I am driving, please!) and I find it really easy to throw my Kobo e-reader into by bag and then I can read whatever I want.  I do like to have a few books going at once (even if Goodreads does show that I am still reading the same books – sometimes I forget to list all the books I read – Sorry, Goodreads!).  I do love all media, tech and toys (am still vying for an iPad…Valentine’s Day maybe? Subtle – I am nothing if not subtle) and aside from old movies (my fave), I also have certain favorite (my own must see tv) television shows; The Big Bang Theory, Glee and The Office.

The Kobo e-reader was featured in The Office (The Ultimatum episode) –  How cool, right? Darryl buys a Kobo to help fulfill his New Year’s resolution to read more and hid it from his co-workers because he thought his company may not love it if he had an e-reader but he was sold on it’s lightness (like a croissant) and that it held 10,000 books.

Do you e-read at work? I do, but I work at home and don’t have to hide it.  There is a contest on the Kobo Facebook Page – you could win one of four Kobo ereaders or 10 free ebooks just by liking the page – or tell a story about your office or post a photo in the Photo Contest and see what other people are writing about for a chance to win – free ebooks or an ereader – good deal (mine gets appropriated by other family members all the time – having two would guarantee that I have a chance at one).

I am shopped out and I haven’t even started yet

Really, is it too much to ask that the amateurs leave the building, internet, wherever they are congregating? Yes, you seasonal shoppers, I mean you. I am a skilled and talented bargain shopper. It is a source of great family pride and maybe a bit of a compulsion to share the provenance and cost (low, low) of each amazing find – I am in (self-directed) therapy for this but if you find me saying (after you compliment a particular article of clothing) “I got it for $15 at Filene’s Basement” or worse yet, regale you with the tale of my shopping prowess, know that therapy is a process and that my therapist sucks.

So naturally, I do not deign to shop on Black Friday (amateur day indeed) and I really dislike crowds, too. So no weekend shopping EVER – never mind from now to Christmas. Outlets? Yes, but not now. Later, when the hordes are gone. Cyber Monday never involved or bothered me, maybe because I am not the target audience (workers shopping on the payroll?), but this year I needed a few items (I can’t tell you what they are – they are not all for me) and thought I would take advantage of the day. Okay, I can tell you one item. I want/need/have to have an e-reader (although this does not roll lightly off the tongue). E-Reader. Nope. Still unwieldy.

Anyway, I read. A lot. Maybe too much but that is for another time. My parents always give me a generous gift card to local bookstore for my birthday (there is no way of telling what I have read) and it is all I can do not to spend it the day I get it. I am older now so I actually wait (my birthday is in the summer so if I buy all the books then, I spend it on beach reads which I finish in a day – seriously unsatisifying) so now I wait and and buy good books. Here is one I found that I can’t wait to get to read The Idiot Girl and the Flaming Tantrum of Death by Laurie Notaro.  I seriously cannot believe that I didn’t write this – love this title – it replaces my previous favorite (but still a close second) title, A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius (Dave Eggers).

I found Idiot Girl through fast and funny Jodi of MN Reads idiot girl and the flaming tantrum of death capability mom on Twitter. Yes, Twitter promotes literacy. You read it here first. The lovely review is by Melissa Slachetka also of Minnesota Reads.

So, this particular tangent is over. I want an e-reader – and it would have come in so handy during our trip to Florida for Thanksgiving. But I hadn’t decided yet. As you know, Moms are research-driven – so I did some research. Okay, so I read some (ten actually) reviews on line and talked to friends (probably about 10, too). Does that count as research? I think so. Is the coffee I had while chatting about e-readers tax-deductible? Probably not.

I liked the look and feel of the Kobo e-reader – a friend has one – it has easy controls, a quilted back and the screen is anti-glare. It comes with 100 preloaded classic (!) books. I am set. It is ordered and when I get my hot little pre-Christmas hands on it (we celebrate Chanukah, too which means I can have it this week) I will be reading it all over the place. Oh, and it is only $139. Good price. I just found it at WalMart – sold out on-line for now but available in stores – for $129. Worth a trip? Sure. Stock up on wrapping paper while you’re there. I also just found link to Borders (I am so focused right now and you are welcome for doing the legwork) where I can buy the e-book for The Idiot Girl and the Flaming Tantrum of Death for under $10. Can’t wait for that Kobo e-reader!

Other shopping was performed (in a very high-performance outdoors-y way from the comfort of my kitchen) at REI – if you are a member, you get dividends when you shop at REI so it was almost $50 off the total price (my dividend from last year) and I haven’t even hit the REI outlet yet (really great deals). These items I definitely cannot talk about (and it got kind of gnarly when an item I thought I had in my shopping cart was bought up all over the internet) and will probably have to throw myself on top of the packages if they come after school is out (Don’t they always?). One year we ordered an child’s standing easel from some nice on-line toy store (maybe Hearthsong) and the huge package was waiting on my porch with GIANT letters on it saying “CHILD”S EASEL” or what I saw  “THERE IS NO SANTA CLAUS”, or something like that. It was awesome.

So shop away – Cyber Monday has been extended and good deals are to be had. After the holidays I will tell you more stories.

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