McDonald’s In The Kitchen, Fairsted Kitchen that is.

A Surprise From McDonald’s at Fairsted Kitchen


When I got the invitation to Fairsted Kitchen, it was a given that I would say yes. Every time I drive by it, I remind myself that we need to have dinner there, then I get home and life happens and I forget, again, at least until the next time I drive by.  And when I saw . . . → Read More: McDonald’s In The Kitchen, Fairsted Kitchen that is.

Under Armour Really Delivers

Women’s Armour® Fleece Storm Full Zip Hoody capability mom blog

It is true that while I get things to review on occasion, books, food, more books…my family is not always impressed (well, I like getting the books) but they are coming around. It started with getting boxes of Quinn Popcorn (deemed delicious by all) but it was the Under Armour Hoody in small (decidedly not my size …which I so could have chosen and maybe even considered) which I hung on a hook in the mudroom and waited for a response. Truthfully, the first response was from my husband who wanted to know whose jacket it was. Okay, second and more valid response (from a teen daughter), was that it was cool. She proceeded to put it on and wear it for the next two days until the tween noticed it and grabbed it before the teen left the house. . . . → Read More: Under Armour Really Delivers

Post BlogHer Post

Here is the thing, I started this post days ago and have hesitated to hit publish because I wasn’t expressing the over-riding feeling I have had from BlogHer. Gratitude. Exhaustion and Gratitude. . . . → Read More: Post BlogHer Post

Back to School – The Easy Adjustment

back to school photos

Are we all breathing easier now that the first week of school is behind us? Sort of. I know that some people (me, for example) don’t do well with transitions. Despite three calendars and electronic reminders, I still have forgotten things this week. Is it my system? Is it my aging brain? Do I just wish that summer wasn’t over and am in denial? All . . . → Read More: Back to School – The Easy Adjustment