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Hood Sour Cream® Meal Makeover

Hood Sour Cream MEal Makeover Challenge capabilitymom.comI was thrilled to be included in the Hood Sour Cream® Meal Makeover Challenge – I got to see old friends, make new friends, hang out at the cool BCAE kitchen, and share in some delicious food! I do love to cook and adapt recipes, and when I watch cooking shows like Chopped, I am amazed at what the chefs come up with (especially the ones with the unusual ingredients). Luckily for me and my somewhat modest cooking skills, the Hood Meal Makeover Challenge wasn’t hard at all – the recipes just had to include yummy sour cream! That was nice and just my speed, too, so I came up with Chicken and Chickpeas. Check out the recipe below and then click on the links to some of the other Hood Sour Cream® Meal Makeover Challenge bloggers and their delicious dishes.

Chicken and Chickpeas with Hood® Sour Cream
Six chicken legs or thighs (or four breasts)
1/2 cup of Hood Sour Cream®
1 bunch of scallions (green parts) I had red onions and tops so I used that
1/3 cup diced yellow onions I used some yellow and some red onions
2 cloves of garlic
1-3 tsp. garam masala (use any favorite dry spice or spices)
1 can of chickpeas (2 cans if your family loves them)
Flat leaf parsley
Salt and pepper
Spices – Simply choose your family’s favorite. I made this version with garam masala (I used 3 teaspoons) and have also made this dish with turmeric, coriander and cumin (equal parts) or you can even leave it plain for the really picky eaters in your family.
Marinate the chicken with the sour cream, green scallions, garam masala, and salt and pepper and 1/2 cup of water in a zip-lock bag in the fridge. The longer it marinates, the better (up to overnight), but if you’re pressed for time, just toss it in a baking dish and will still be good, I promise.
Heat a tablespoon of olive oil or canola oil in a sauté pan and add onions and garlic. Cook on medium until onions are softened and add chicken skin side down and cook until slightly browned. (You can also skip this step if pressed for time).
Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
Rinse and drain the chickpeas and put them in a baking dish.Arrange the chicken on top of the chickpeas and place in the preheated 375 degree oven for 30-40 minutes for thighs (bone in) and 35-45 minutes for drumsticks.
Serve with rice over a bed of spinach or arugula. Top with chopped parsley. The chicken and chickpeas will wilt the spinach.
If there are leftovers (and just double the recipe if you want some), shred the chicken and serve with naan bread or pita over baby spinach or arugula. I added berries to celebrate the summer bounty.

Hood Sour Cream Meal Makeover at Boston Center for Adult Education capabilitymom.com

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Added bonus recipe – I made smitten kitchen’s plum and poppy-seed muffins (which happen to call for yummy sour cream) this morning and they were delicious! Here is the link to her recipe – I used peaches and they were terrific.

the smitten kitchen recipe for plum poppy seed muffins but I substituted peaches  capabilitymom.com
the smitten kitchen recipe for plum poppy seed muffins but I substituted peaches capabilitymom.com

For more ideas on how to incorporate sour cream into your recipes, visit Hood.com

Disclosure: As part of the Hood Sour Cream Makeover Series I received compensation for attending the event, the recipe was my own invention, and, as always, all opinions, like them or not, are my own.

Great Cooking Class for Kids at the BCAE

BCAE cooking classes for kids on Capability : Mom BlogAre you looking for a fun class with your child? The best classes we ever took were classes together – art  and music were the standard fare but here is a really neat idea – cooking with your child and not at home – so no mess – bonus!

Here is the scoop from the Boston Center for Adult Education – the BCAE always has great classes so have fun and learn something, too. This is part of their new program Bean City Kids – great classes for kids and their caregivers. Check it out.

Cultural Cooking with Your Children

Cooking up Culture with Kids at the Boston Center for Adult Education

WHAT: Cooking is a great way to introduce your children to the tastes and cultures of foreign lands. Enjoy a fun and interactive cooking class at The Boston Center for Adult Education (BCAE) while spending quality time with your child with “Around the World in Seven Days”. Beginning on Friday, May 6th, 2011, this 7 session class provides children with an opportunity to mix, measure, and pour ingredients as they prepare dishes from around the world—Mexican tacos, Japanese sushi, and more! Part art class, part math class, part mid-afternoon snack, the class is a perfect way to develop children’s socialization skills, hand-eye coordination, and sense of wonder.

Part of the BCAE’s Child Enrichment Program, Bean City Kids, this class is perfect for children three to six years of age. Children will be the chefs, customers, and waiters—and their parents or caregivers will participate as well, sharing the fun and the food alike!

To give more children a chance to participate, the class will be offered twice this term: once at 2:30PM to 3:30PM, and again at 3:45PM to 4:45PM. Different recipes and countries are covered each term, so returning students will have just as much fun every time.

WHEN: Begins Friday, May 6th, 2011; 7 Sessions; from 2:30PM-3:30PM and from 3:45PM-4:45PM; ends June 24th, 2011; Class will not meet on Friday, May 27th, 2011

COST: $225 Members/Non-Members

WHERE: Boston Center for Adult Education 122 Arlington Street Boston, MA 02116.

RSVP: Registration is necessary. Please visit http://www.bcae.org or call the Boston Center for Adult Education at 617-267-4430 to sign up.

ADDITIONAL: Suitable for children 3-6 years of age

About the Boston Center for Adult Education:

Founded in 1933, the Boston Center for Adult Education (BCAE) is the first, nonprofit adult education center in New England. The Boston Center for Adult Education serves as a meeting place for the Boston community to gather, learn, discuss and create. The BCAE offers educational classes taught by well-qualified leaders, staff, and volunteers who share the mission of enhancing our community. Today the BCAE teaches classes in Boston for almost every interest. Students can experience everything from yoga, photography, belly dancing, and stand-up comedy, to scotch tasting, cooking, achieving financial freedom, and much more. At their recently renovated headquarters on Arlington Street (Boston, MA) you’ll find professional grade kitchens, top-notch technology, and versatile classroom space with free Wi-Fi. The BCAE offers a variety of personal and corporate membership levels with benefits including discounted tuition costs and discounts on local retailers. Browse classes, become a member, or support the BCAE online at bcae.org. The BCAE is located at 122 Arlington Street, Boston MA 02116. The BCAE administrative offices are open Monday- Friday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM. The Student Services office is open Monday-Thursday, 9:00 AM-7:00 PM and Friday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM. The BCAE is open on weekends during class times only.



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