blueberry mufins from flour cafe + bakery but without the berriesReally. Sometimes I am productive in a normal way and then sometimes I am crazy productive and know that people are saying, “Someone give that woman a decaf. STAT. Or at the very least pry the cookie from her hand.”(brownie, banana bread and muffin can all be substituted here). I woke up at 4:50… something…that’s all I could process, and despite it being a perfect day to sleep in (to – oh, I don’t know…6:30?), dark, rainy and cold, I got up and baked for a few hours. Well, I did have the muffin batter prepped so that was nice and easy. The banana bread was more of an afterthought and because I bought to much creme fraiche. How much is too much? Three contaiflour bakery + cafe recipe for Banana Bread two ways - one with walnuts one with chocolate chipsners is too much.

The muffins are from the flour bakery + cafe cookbook and are lovely but call for that annoying amount of ingredients that put you just over one container. Luckily, the banana bread calls for a bit of creme fraiche and I was sufficiently motivated to bake it. I still have one plus containers in my fridge so I guess this is a bad week to give up baked goods! First I baked the muffins without berries because some of us like our baked goods free of extraneous ingredients. The were well-received and I went on to make mini-muffins which were a fail in looks because I couldn’t get them out of the pan in one piece but yummy. The other (regular sized) blueberry muffins were perfect and the banana bread (two ways) a huge hit.

Banana Bread two ways – one with walnuts one with chocolate chips