Last year I posted this and thought I had some pretty good ideas but trolling on Facebook turned up even better finds! Thank you, Leah Klein for sharing!  See Gather Here Stitch Lounge for even more

From Apartment Therapy – This really lovely hostess gift of Sparkling Jam Cocktail (by Maggie Battista of Eat Boutique)

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Once I was on the Apartment Therapy site, I was there for a while. I entered some giveaways (who knew they had giveaways?) and am hoping for the gorgeous kitchen island because we have a discussion every six months or so here –  pro or con kitchen island – and if I win it we don’t have to talk about it, it just shows up and I get my way win, I mean.

Then I found some gorgeous links to homemade hostess gifts that are so gorgeous, fun and creative and green.

Here is the Apartment Therapy’s link to Handmade Holidays: 5 DIY Green Gifts.

I know, lovely.


Not feeling crafty but want to give something that stands out? Check out Fish Eddy ( a find from an architect friend with a great eye – Chris Chu), a great NYC store with eclectic finds like the Obama Birther Certificate Tray.


I personally love all of the Roz Chast dinnerware – Browse away! See what Pragmatic Mom is up to with GIFTS THAT GIVE BACK.


12 Days of Shopping
 Dec 1: Make Your Own Gifts Granola, Pragmatic Mom and  Capability Mom.

 Dec 2: Kids Make Gifts CRAFT (ModPodge versus Clove Fruit)

 Dec 3: Personalized Gifts (Fancy Address Stampers versus Pretty Papers)

 Dec 4:  Father-in-Law/Dad and Mother-in-Law/Mom

 Dec 5: Tutors/Teachers

 Dec 6High Tech/Low Tech

 Dec 7: Hostess/Gifts That Give Back

 Dec 8: Sanitation Engineers, Mail Carriers, Hairdresser, Delivery People, Babysitter, Cleaning People, Dog Walker/Dog Trainer, etc. (a.k.a. who else did I forget?) and Emily Post’s Etiquette on this subject.

 Dec 9: Husband, Me (Our Own Wacko List); Capability:Mom Husband/Wife

 Dec 10:  Dog/Cat

 Dec 11: Quick Gifts from Whole Foods versus Gourmet Food Store

 Dec 12: ‘Cause I Am So Together,  Last Minute Home Made Gifts:  Pragmatic Mom and Capability : Mom