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This NYC shoe store has this great website and a referral program for you – shop away – you are welcome.

infinity shoes on capability mom
Infinity Shoes on Capability Mom

I have been shopping on this site – mostly browsing – forever and love the Miz Mooz shoes they carry. Different, funky and comfortable – even the killer high platform sandals I bought last summer that make me about – oh, six feet tall. Super model shoes.

Is your blog content copyrighted?

Interesting question. Some blogs have the copyright symbol on the bottom of the blog. Do you need this? I looked in on a discussion about it on Blog Frog in the SITS community.

From Heather, author of Did You Remember Your Pill Today?

I just did some quick research and found this:

Copyright Protection

Your work is under copyright protection the moment it is created and fixed in a tangible form so that it is perceptible either directly or with the aid of a machine or device. The moment you write it, paint it, or put it on the internet, your work is copyright protected.

Library of Congress

In the United States, the Library of Congress officialy registers copyrights which now last for the life of the author plus 70 years. No one else can profit or copy your ideas without your permission during this time period.

Do I Need to Register?

Your works of art, music, etc, all have copyright protection with or without formal copyright registration with the Library of Congress or any other copyright office. However, copyright registration adds proof of copyright ownership and aids you in fighting copyright infringement. Copyright literally means the right to copy.

Here is some more information from the U.S. Copyright Office

Mommy Savers – a great resource for the new frugal

Here is a great site – Mommy Savers – I found it in Money magazine (okay, my husband found it and tagged it for me. Thank you, honey)


mommy savers from capability momIt has great coupons, tips, offers, forums and was started by a stay at home mom, Kimberly Danger in 2000. It is really well-organized and easy to navigate. Go start saving pennies – frugal is the new black.

Healthy Child Healthy World

My friends often make me laugh, listen when I am crabby (hardly ever), do me a favor (or let me do a favor for them) and very often inspire me. I was sent this video by a very good friend and it is wonderful. Inspiring, beautiful and something you can help make happen.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5vAVkv1LBx8%5D

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