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Sunday, lazy Sunday.

There are a few bloggers who post at least once a day – sometimes even twice – and on occasion I have done this, too. But of late I have had more stuff to do – all good – but lots of stuff nonetheless and I am sometimes take a day –  or two – off.  While I am writing every day, sometimes I have several drafts that I am working on and I bounce back and forth between them. ADD or more thoughtful writing? You will have to judge that when I finally post them.

green and blue fishWhen I started this blog I thought I would use it as a way to let other Moms know stuff that I already know. You know, stuff that I have done or been through. As it turns out, I am okay with sharing that stuff but I like writing about stuff that occurs to me now.  Maybe I should change Capability Mom to Capability’s Soap Box…no, I am not so much doing that as pulling ephemera out of the air, the web or my life and sharing it.  I am enjoying the entire process from writing and “finding my voice”  to learning about social media (Digg, del.icio.us, stumbleupon and about different hosting platforms – WordPress (.com versus .org), TypePad,  Blogger, how to buy an  URL (godaddy, bluehost) and how to manage Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.

With my (geographically close) friends – we don’t use Twitter to communicate, or Facebook. So I am learning social media when four months ago I didn’t even know to call it that – and am still not sure where this is taking me but I am enjoying the journey. I am also getting to know a great group of women over at CoffeeShopBloggers where we learn and share our experiences in setting up a blog and social media in general.

Hopefully it is enough that I share and if you care about what I write about you will read it. Happy Sunday.

Now here is what I am talking about

Why am I Capability : Mom? Because sometimes I am so capable…like today. What happened today? Well, I combined a puppy playdate and business meeting with Pragmatic Mom – we talked about Coffee Shop Bloggers and other social media stuff while our dogs gamboled in the grass. Nice, really. Then, I washed the dog – okay, mostly my helpers did but I drove over-heating (it is the a/c – not engine) Mommy Car to the place where we wash her (BYOD), then I finished an article for InterfaithFamily.com and fixed the dishwasher. Fixed the dishwasher? Surely you mean you hired someone? Phoned a friend? Nope, I fixed it. I was frustrated that it was Sunday and I couldn’t get anyone to fix it (even if I could it would be billed at time and a half) and darling spouse was away in New York with friends. So I found a great site – Fixitnow.com and followed the instructions on how to fix a dishwasher and while that didn’t exactly work it told me that the problem was the floater something – so I rinsed out the screen in the bottom of the machine and threw a cup of water into it. I turned it on and it worked. Okay, no, I didn’t take apart the machine or the water connections but nor did I pay someone $100 to rinse out a screen. Maybe not a professional job, but I think it counts for something. Oh, and I made a nice dinner, too.

Rainbow cakes are everywhere

You know I made the rainbow cake

rainbow cake capability mom
Capability Mom's Rainbow Cake from The Whisk Kid's recipe

from The Whisk Kid (and she was on Martha) but now I find rainbow cakes everywhere. Here are some of my favorites:

rainbow cake with fruit from huckleberry stew Huckleberry Stew This rainbow cake is not only topped with fruit but the coloring of the cake is fruit based – in case you are wary of using food coloring.

huckleberry stew rainbow cake capability mom

The recipe comes  from I am baker blog – gorgeous, creative and fun.

rainbow cake sweetnicks

Here on Sweetnicks, a mom makes her rainbow cake from a box mix and it is beautiful. Hey, small kids, no time to bake, purdy peas rainbow cake capability momMartha wouldn’t cut those corners but I would. Above, from Purdy Peas is another beautiful cake – check out that icing. All good and fun cakes – perfect for upcoming graduation parties.

Of course, this gorgeous outrageous layer cake from Kevin Sharkey on MarthaStewart.com

kevin sharkey's rainbow cake on martha stewart

Mommies Who Shop – Spring events in Weston and Hamilton

capability mom barefoot booksWhat Mommy doesn’t shop? You actually do have to buy those babies clothes, diapers and equipment … and every now and them something for you. This is so cool – it is a gathering of moms  that lets you socialize, shop and get spa treatments – oh, and there will be wine and appetizers and swag. What is swag? Special treats that you get for attending the event. You can also get a ticket and specify no swag. Um, good. More for me. There are great sponsors of the event, Bella Sante and Boston Mamas and the Boston Parents Paper to name just a few, and sponsors for the gift bags include Vapur, Bot and olio designs on etsy.  All so cool.capability mom olio designs on etsy sock monkey cards

So forward this to your friends and meet up for a Mom’s night out.  The next event is in Weston and another June 3 in Hamilton, MA.  Here is a list of sponsors and designers for the Weston event.

From the website:

Mommies Who Shop is proud to support Room to Grow, a non-profit whose mission is to enrich the lives of babies born into poverty. On their behalf, Mommies Who Shop will be collecting donations of baby and toddler items for children age 0-3.

May 20, 2010 from 6-9 p.m.
Regis College, Grand Foyer
235 Wellesley Street, Weston, MA

Mommies Who Shop invites you to attend our Spring shopping gala. Sip and Shop with your friends in this upbeat boutique atmosphere. Enjoy complimentary hors d’oeuvres and wine, spa services, loaded gift bags and more! This is where the hippest mama’s meet the hottest designers featuring the very best in unique clothing for chic-baby and trendy tots, plus accessories, toys and gear. For the Ladies, we will feature a carefully edited selection of casual women’s apparel, accessories, jewelry, handbags, fine stationary and gifts. All of the items at Mommies Who Shop will be offered at exclusive MWS event pricing.
simply the best shopping ever – edited just for you – all at sale prices

  • complimentary wine and gourmet treats provided by Healthy Habits Kitchen and Finale
  • mini-spa services and beauty products compliments of Bella Sante
  • loaded gift bags (limited quantities available)
  • AMAZING door prizes and raffle items benefitting Room to Grow.


3 Hour Nap
4 little fish
Athalia Originals
Barefoot Books
bioME 5
Blossom Babies
Chic Boutique Creations
cool dog productions
discovery toys
DP Designs
Excited 2 Learn
Hiho Batik
Hoosier Magnolia
Laughing out Loud
Maddisin and Mason Gifts
melene kent jewels
Papas Products
Pretty on Paper
Sheabella Tutus
Slings & Baby Things
The Tots
The Trendy Tot

Only the 1st 100 advance tickets sold are guaranteed a MWS gift bag.

3 hour nap duck egg lovey capability mom
duck egg lovey blanket from 3 hour nap

I found out about this event from Healthy Habits Kitchen – I found them at a winter farmer’s market just this year.

mommies who shop - capability mom blog

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