Resolutions of a Kind

I don’t generally make resolutions not because I’m all set and don’t need to but because in my experience they are doomed to fail. Having said that, I do like to change things up around this time hence the new furniture arrangement in the family room (you’ll learn to love it, honey!) and my kitchen clean out inspired by Apartment Therapy (a total and complete . . . → Read More: Resolutions of a Kind

Just Think: Teens Making Smart Choices EXPO

 Just Think: Teens Making Smart Choices

What is Just Think: Teens Making Smart Choices?

This is a multi-year effort by the Newton North PTSO and many community organizations to help parents/guardians and those who work with teens guide the teens in making good decisions that will lead to a long, happy, and healthy life.

What is the Just Think: Teens Making Smart Choices EXPO?

It’s a fun gathering . . . → Read More: Just Think: Teens Making Smart Choices EXPO

Happy New Year

Wishing all a Happy New Year, and if you need to know of there is school in your town (there are 15 closings so far), check here: Me? I’ll be inside with a cup of tea.

Inpiration Found

Sometimes when I am trolling the web, I mean working, I find things that tie together. Is it because I’m looking for the connection? No, I’m not really that insightful, it has to be pretty obvious. Is it serendipity? This started with an email.

this TED Talk – Adora Svitak and then linked to this from Indiegogo – Tomorrow’s Roundtable

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To . . . → Read More: Inpiration Found