In a New York State of Mind

In a New York State of Mind

I have been traveling a bit of late – mostly to New York – both the city and Long Island. Both trips were fun and I have so much to share about each of them but for now (mostly because it’s late and it’s all I can manage), I’ll share some pics. Posts to follow.

Yes, I did all of that, and more, in one day! Sponsored by The Cross Sound Ferry. Fantastic day trip, can’t wait to go back to explore this lovely area. Wonderful food and wine, friendly and kind people, gorgeous surroundings and so many interesting things to do and see – I know they have cute shops – I saved them for my next visit! This is just my photo post – I promise I’ll fill you in the full story soon. A huge thank you to all of the wonderful places we visited!

For information on the above – here are the links to their sites:

Cross Sound Ferry

Vintage Tours with Jo-Ann Perry

Kontokosta Winery

Jamesport Vineyard

NoFo Lunchbox

Harbes Family Farm & Vineyard

The Candyman

Catapano Dairy Farm

LI Weekends

East End Seaport Museum and Marine Foundation

Greenport Carousel

Labels from my kitchen

Labels from my kitchen

First, I love pretty things (oh, who doesn’t?) but I am also swayed by the creative, colorful and fun as well as pretty and well-designed. When a company bothers to make me smile and produces high-quality items – well, that is a happy day.

Kidecals not only delivers great labels (well-designed, fun and long lasting) but they have a sense of humor and whimsy which I so appreciate. Ordering was difficult only because I had to choose between so many fun options. I went with kitchen decals but easily could have moved over to pantry labels (oh, the dream of an organized Pinterest worthy pantry), wall decals or flat out labels for all of your stuff.

The site is easy to navigate – you can order by styles, age, gender and use which is great when you aren’t sure of your labeling needs. It turns out I have many labeling needs, go figure. Kidecals is running a 15% off promotion for fall right now so click on over and get your stuff together.

Prince Pasta rounds out National Pasta Month

Prince Pasta rounds out National Pasta Month

I’m late to be telling you about this but as every month is pasta month in our house, I thought it was okay.

Prince, that iconic Boston pasta brand is celebrating its Boston roots with a partnership with Boston chefs Christine and Carla Pallotta of NEBO. The Pallotta sisters grew up in the North End, mere blocks away from where Prince was founded. Check out some recipes on Prince’s Facebook page.

Here are some of the videos produced for National Pasta Month with Prince Pasta and great recipes from Christine and Carla Pallotta of NEBO:

Pasta Al Forno:

Christine Pallota’s Breakfast Pasta:

Prince Pasta Piselli :

Prince Pasta Cavatappi :


I received a pasta kit from Prince Pasta and made a delicious meal – Many thanks, Prince Pasta!IMG_0411 I especially liked the two pound box of spaghetti!

Ahead of the Curve with an LG OLED TV

Ahead of the Curve with an LG OLED TV

If you’re a regular reader you know that I like to be in the know about, well, everything. And while the days where my children thought I knew everything are long past, I am resourceful and can pretty much suss out the info in a flash (Shhh, I have great, well-connected and super smart friends).

Ahead of the Curve with an LG OLED TV lightyears away from needing rabbit ears
rabbit ears

New to me? OLED TV from LG. When we renovated our house (more than a few years ago), we upgraded to a flat screen tv and Verizon FIOS – before that we had big bulky hand-me-down from parents television and…rabbit ears. Yes, my children may well be the only post- millennials who have ever touched rabbit ears.It’s true, we were horrible parents who did not have cable during our children’s formative years (no Lizzie Maguire, no Disney, no Nick Jr.) Just PBS here, people. They are fine now and have more than made up for that lack in viewing time (yes, I know about the binge-watching).

So the technology that is rapidly changing is not lost on us – I know more people are watching shows on mobile devices, but I do really like movie night on the big screen and my husband automatically gets the big TV for any sporting events (mostly football).

And I have noticed the television is a little, well, wonky? Slow to turn on, sluggish, um, dare I say…old?

So, daughter of an engineer that I am, when I was invited to see the latest and greatest from LG, I jumped at the chance and hauled my even older than my television self out on a rainy night to go to the Westin Copley Hotel in Boston. Wow, am I glad I ventured out – what a treat!

There was a good sized group on the meeting room as I slipped into my seat, a few minutes after the presentation started, but everyone was so engaged that they didn’t notice. Bonus. I grabbed a water from the bar and began taking notes, too.

After the presentation we all left our seats to better see a side by side comparison of the new LG OLED television (OLED 55” FHD OLED TV – the EC9300 model that just launched in the U.S.) and another lesser television (and even at that it was nicer than mine back home). It was startling how different the pictures were – I learned what back-light bleed is, and when you are looking at a tv some important things to note (there’s a video below).

A television with great resolution and gorgeous color and thinner than my iPhone (I do have a 4, but still)! Loved seeing the easy to navigate interface – maybe my husband and I can use this one solo without help from tech support (yes, I mean our kids).

Here’s what I learned at the LG event at the Westin Hotel:

OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode, which describes the material that creates the unique light source in these next-generation TV.

No backlight means that OLED offers an incomparable picture quality and design potential to conventional LCD(LED) TVs.

LG OLED TV is the won the EISA (European Imaging and Sound Association) Award for 3 consecutive years.

LG was the first to introduce OLED TVs in the United States and unrivaled leader in this technology. With a quantum jump in OLED technology, LG has can finally offer this state-of-the-art TV at a much more available price to its customers.

And here’s a video to give you the scoop: 2014 LG OLED TV Product Video (EA97).mp4

Pretty much the coolest TV with the best picture that I’ve seen and, yes, it is curved, but it’s a subtle curve and it’s cool.


I received a headset at the event and this post was sponsored.  All opinions are still, and always will be, my own.

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