Social Media is so cool or Capability Mom geeks out

Okay, if you know what social media is, great. If, like me, you had heard about it but really had no idea what it entailed – here is the scoop.

I decided to start a blog. I figured out a name and where to sign up (first Blogger then – more about that later). I started writing  (posting). I had no visitors and was only lower on the search results than, well, actually, I was the lowest on the search results.  Since using social media (I sound like a toothpaste ad), I have moved up the search results on Google considerably. Disclaimer: you have to type Capability Mom or Capabilty:Mom and I am second and third on the list. Let’s be clear, I am not doing anything other than twitter and a Facebook Fan Page.

I am thrilled with this mini-success.  I am the daughter of an electrical engineer and think math is one of the circles of hell.  I do, however, like to put things together. I like to rewire lamps and have recently started messing with  Facebook’s static FBML (their mark up language so you can customize your Fan Page).  What is a Fan Page? It is a page for a business or organization. While I haven’t figured out HTML yet (it may take me a bit more time), I have googled some sites that give tutorials.  Here is a link to Facebook FBML  to explain what it is and here is a FBML tutorial  that shows you how to do it. Why do you want to? Because it is cool and let’s you put whatever you want in your Fan Page.

Geek out.

How to Really Love a Child poem by SARK

A poem about How to Really Love a Child by SARK

via How to Really Love a Child poem by SARK.

From Pragmatic Mom’s blog today. I have always loved this. Thanks, Pragmatic Mom!

Saturday…a day of rest?

When you are a parent, you want to give your child every opportunity. You do. But this also means that your interests are secondary, if that. Even if you do limit activities to one sport per season – resign yourself to sitting in the driver’s seat of your car, especially if you have more than one child.  We have been unusually lucky with activities falling on the same day but at different times, although it does make for a long day.  When they do overlap, a divide and conquer mind-set prevails as we fan out over suburbia. 

Happily, they love their activities and it is wonderful to see skills, teamwork and friendships develop. We share in their successes and disappointments and try to make it a family day.  Pack a lunch, bring the dog and if possible,  drag  encourage the siblings to attend each other’s games.

Pay it forward

Last night I went to a fundraiser for Web of Benefit which is a nonprofit organization that helps women affected by domestic violence. It was a wonderful presentation and their philosophy is unique.  “Web of Benefit operates under a “pay it forward” philosophy, where each woman assisted contributes to the Web of Benefit network by doing three good works, on whatever level she is able, for other women in need.” thus truly extending the web.  The founder’s clear statement about women achieving their dreams was impressive.

Go to their website or find them on Facebook  – Web of Benefit.  It was a lovely evening put together by a group of women committed to finding non-profits that are exceptional and focusing their own grassroots fundraising on these organizations. More about them later.

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