Verizon redeems itself after a less-than-pleasant customer service experience

All I wanted to so was to add a line to our existing plan. I went on-line and ordered the phone, except I didn’t exactly get a phone. I was on Live-Chat, on the phone with Internet and Sales and an hour and a half later I still had no phone and was really frustrated. Too many hoops to jump through and a slow and cumbersome website experience left me a little cranky – okay, a lot cranky. Luckily someone transferred me to Sales and I spoke with Julian (1-800-688-9290 ext. 6025 – call him and you will get wonderful customer service) who was not only pleasant but helpful, professional and did not make me jump through any more hoops. Phone ordered and is being shipped. Thank you, Julian!

Found a great blog or two or three that I think you will like, too.

Sarsaparilla lives in beautiful, sunny St. Paul, Minnesota.

Hats I’m currently balancing: single mom; full-time fundraiser at a local college and part-time eBay seller (I’m “sarsaparilla”). ……… My favorite “hat” is Antique Collector. I will be wearing that hat often in my Sip of Sarsaparilla blog, as I share with you my passion for vintage advertising & clothing and other intriguing finds from the Victorian era through the 1960’s. (Oh, and by the way, you can call me Sarsaparilla…or just plain Susan. I’ve got a split personality. :-)

Mamalingo A fun site that has a cool app called wordlet that lets you do this:

Mammalingo is an online dictionary where I post words about pregnancy, parenting, and, of course, poop. If you have something to add, that would be just dandy. Read More or Suggest a Word

The Pioneer Woman – Great Site

My Name Is Ree

I’m a desperate housewife. I live in the country. I channel Lucille Ball, Vivien Leigh, and Ethel Merman. Welcome to my frontier!

Killer Apps from Slate

Dropbox – a great app presented on Slate V by Slate’s Farhad Manjoo – It lets you create your own virtual cloud. You download the program (free for 2 GB – fee for more space) and you can save to the dropbox from any computer you are working on and you can pull it up from another computer with the changes saved. Cool.


More Great Finds in The Boston Globe

I do love the newspaper – maybe because my grandfather worked for one – the physical paper and I read some on-line, too.  Here are a few finds from today and yesterday’s Boston Globe. Yes, I know it is nice of me to pre-read the paper for you. I have to go get ready for a family portrait and my parent’s 50th anniversary lunch. Congrats Mom and Dad!

Yesterday – from the Opinion page – by Kathleen Hirsch Fulfillment in ‘Failure‘  How parents’ expectations keep students from finding their own gifts.

This should be required reading for parents of all ages.

Today on the G (my favorite section) – June Wulff interviews Deanna Zandt (Media Technologist) on social networking in G Force:  It takes a social network

Read this so you know why you are on-line right now.  Deanna Zandt will be at the Harvard Book Store in Cambridge at 7 pm on Wednesday

For more details :

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