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Getting Gorgeous

IMG_4207It’s an ungodly hour – 5 am – made more so by the fact it is Saturday. I hate waking up on Saturdays. And Sundays, actually. So this must mean I have to do something – and something good that is making me get up. Do I have to drive to away soccer game? No, it’s home this week. It’s better. I’m going to NYC to get gorgeous – well, no promises, but an attempt anyway. I’m going to Getting Gorgeous, an event sponsored by several companies* and run by fashion and beauty bloggers Audrey McClelland and Vera Sweeney.

Last year Getting Gorgeous was the same weekend as Blogher and I was in Manhattan anyway, this time needs a bit more effort, and i am thrilled for a day in the city. The train is comfortable, fast and easy. Conductors and cafe car staff are lovely but would like a better food selection. So far I’ve only had a cup of tea and a banana. I forgot to pack snacks for the first time in seventeen years.

I’ll update this post as I can, or you might have to wait until I’m back and maybe more gorgeous, well, at least more polished.

* CVS Beauty Club
New Balance
Harlequin Books
Love Jac Cards
Thyme Maternity
Stokke Baby
Haute Tags
Foster Grant
Thread and Butter
Jade and Jasper

New Book to Read: Sandcastle Girls by Chris Bohjalian

As any of this author's books, the characters are fully drawn and engaging, the writing is beautiful, and the story is compelling. While I did know about the Armenian Genocide, I had not read about it in any detail and some of the details are horrific. Bohjalian's story is about love, character and hope for the future. A long buried secret is discovered and a family's story is forever changed.

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Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond at Blogher 12 Capability Mom Blog

The Best Part of BlogHer 12

The best part of Blogher was not the coupons, free stuff or even the sessions, it was hearing the people nominated for Voices of the Year read from their work.

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A Million Miles from Boston – Book Giveaway

Anyway, having professed my love of Young Adult Fiction and been joined by so many others who love the genre (read this in The Times) means I no longer have to be pretending to just be pre-reading the titles for my children (which I am so totally doing anyway). I get to read YA with abandon and I certainly so that. I even got to meet one of my favorite YA authors at Pragmatic Mom's house when she visited for her daughter's book group, Karen Day.

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