Polar Vortex Activities

Cold Weather Activities… for me

Baking seems to be my default activity when I’m stressed and this cold is stressing me out. Okay, really, I want to have nice baked goods in the house so I can keep up my caloric intake for the winter. Tough work.

What have I been cooking up? Hmm…soups like Bon Appetit’s spicy bean and wilted greens from this month’s . . . → Read More: Polar Vortex Activities

Stress Baking

Yes, I bake when I am stressed. It’s all good because I eat when I am stressed, too, so it’s a win-win with just a slight chance of weight gain.

What do I bake? Usually I head to smitten kitchen for fantastically delicious fail proof recipes – here’s where I started.

German Pancakes – a new favorite in our house. It’s a fast easy breakfast . . . → Read More: Stress Baking

Raspberry Seltzer from flour, too

Raspberry Seltzer from flour, too

We all have seasonal food favorites (don’t we?), and this raspberry seltzer is one of my happy summer finds but I willingly drink it year round, too. It’s from Joanne Chang’s flour, too cookbook and it is the perfect summer beverage. A friend suggested adding vodka, not my thing but give it a try and let me know. And, I . . . → Read More: Raspberry Seltzer from flour, too

The S’Mores Cookbook and Giveaway

S’Mores Cookbook and Giveaway

Thank you to Susan Whetzel and Hersheys! Love my S’mores Cookbook!

It’s hard not to put Need I Say S’More? after the title, but I will refrain because I am mature like that and can control my need to pun. I am also possibly a little excited and definitely over sugared, hey, it happens. Don’t judge. What, exactly, is my . . . → Read More: The S’Mores Cookbook and Giveaway

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