Taking Temperatures with a No Touch Forehead Thermometer from Braun

When your children are sick, it’s not just about managing their symptoms and getting them well, it’s also dealing with, um, shall we say, heightened preferences – everyone is a little more particular when they’re under the weather. Some kids resist taking spit back up medicine, and taking temperatures, while critical, is another not fun sick-time activity. How to make it easy on everyone is something the engineers at Braun have figured out which is good, as we could all use the help.

As a disclosure of my ineptitude at any given time, there are three thermometers in our house – the “good one” and two back up which are possibly either mildly or wildly inaccurate (why don’t I just throw them away? Maybe is the next great clean out I will).

You may already know Braun as the gold standard for forehead thermometers (so easy and reliable) and now they have a new technology that lets you take a temperature with a no touch forehead thermometer, and the sound can even be turned off (yes, I have been known to take a temperature or two in the middle of the night). Easy to use and intuitive – nice if you’re like me and don’t like to read instructions.

Recently I attended a promotional lunch at one of our family’s favorite places, Henrietta’s Table, to learn more about this new innovation and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was and accurate. I took the temperature of my table-mates (I’m fun like that), so thank you, Lollie, for letting me test this on you.

As a wonderful connection to healthy fall cooking, we all trailed into the kitchen to get some tips from chef Peter Davis. Fresh, gorgeous vegetables, amazing food and great conversation. What a lovely day! I have already made the Roasted Pumpkin Soup and while it was gorgeous, I did not add the cream the recipe called for (optional), and wish I had.

Disclaimer: We had a lovely lunch and I received a goodie bag from this event. All opinions are, as always, my own.

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