Sweet Suite was Toot Sweets (That’s old school for “Totes Adorbs” which I am not allowed per an agreement with my children to say anyway) and #BBNYC was a Blast!

Toot Sweets with Dick Van Dyke from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Yes, excuse me, my age is showing, but when I heard about Sweet Suite I also heard the echo of Toot Sweets. Really, I can’t help it, and yes, sometimes my brain is an interesting ride. And did you know that Roald Dahl and Ian Fleming have writing credits for this movie? Neither did I! Love Roald Dahl and the movie was based on a book of Ian Fleming’s. Really? Go figure. So for you boys who like Bond, you might want to watch Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, too. Just a thought.

Also, I had a sweet clip but it crashed my blog. Find it on YouTube here.

Anyway, back to the sweet stuff about Sweet Suite – really there is too much to write about in just one post but I’ll try. Sweet Suite was a fun-filled confection of a night with more candy offered that even I could eat. Yes, that much. The location (Location 05) was open, clean, fresh and such an enjoyable place to be and the toys – oh, the toys! The organizers are so darn organized, thoughtful and smart that they have a box of goodies shipped to you. That is a beautiful thing because lugging stuff all day and then home is challenging.

Sweet Suite and Blogger Bash NYC was a two day event filled with education, inspiration and connections. Yes, and IRL (In Real Life) too, and although we all buried our noses in our phones to tweet, favorite, instagram and like, we still managed to look up, shake hands and connect, and it was a blast! Yes, from getting to hang out with old and new friends, learning new things, hearing about fantastic bloggers using their social klout for social good, checking out the latest and greatest toys  (who doesn’t love that?),   plus I am going to be super popular based on all the treats in my Sweet Suite 14 box! I like chatting with new people (so many new BFF opportunities!) and connecting with brands is always fun. It’s a lovely way to see what is new in a relaxed setting.

There is no way to name all of the wonderful sponsors of Sweet Suite and Blogger Bash NYC (and the many great break out events within the #BBNYC day) without it being one huge list or (gasp!) run-on sentence. But you can find them here.  It was great to see favorites like Crayola, Faber Castell (we do love our art supplies), Lego and Hasbro, and to be introduced to new folks (well, new to us, anyway) like Thames & Kronos, Kurio, MiP from WowWee, Boogie Board and Goldieblox. Before this event, I was pretty unclear about what my nephews (fans of Skylanders) were talking about but since having been in an entire room of Skylanders (including Skylander themed yummy cupcakes), I think I have an idea. And I learned the names of the characters like Blades and Erupter, (instead of calling them Stabby Guy and Lava Dude, so, yeah, I’m cool).


This wonderful event was a crush at times but a polite crush, really, and so many people sharing, it was invigorating! Plus I got to travel to NYC (one of my favorite places), and explore the city in-between all of the conference happiness. Thus the MZ Wallace store find (one of the sponsors – great handbags and totes), and maybe I found some food places, too, and on Saturday walked to the main branch of the New York Public Library and a wonderful exhibit – The ABC of It: Why Children’s Books Matter.



Thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity to spend such quality time with such a terrific group of people. Thank you to Charlene Deloach, Joey Fortman, Laurie Schacht, Stephanie Glover and Ali Mierzejewski, and Marissa Dibartolo.


There were wonderful illustrations in the Library’s ABC exhibit including one from Roald Dahl which keeps crashing my blog so go see it here. See, I do tie things together eventually.

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