Early Morning Reflection and Some Good Reads

I woke up early today and thought I’d use the quiet time (two houses being built + open windows = lots of noise) for reading, reflection, or maybe even writing. Instead I got pulled into the rabbit hole that is this blog and ended up updating widgets and links for an hour. I guess it’s better than the time suck that is Facebook, so I’ll cut myself some slack. And my link widgets look good, too. Go check them out.

Now, this has been a very different summer for me – no camps, no schedule at all, really, and it’s the first time in forever I have been able to sleep in (until 7! Woot!) but I need to get back on track (I miss my walking group if I dilly-dally) so I’m on a new self-imposed routine. Let’s see how that works.

So pretty much I have been working, and I have been reading (really, binge reading), and I’m happy, as always, to share my finds. Some of the books were gifts, some were sent to me, some I found on my own.

Laurie Notaro – It Looked Different on the Model

link to her site here and prepare to laugh until you cry.

. It Looked Different in the Model Laurie Notaro at CapabilityMom.com














Judy Greer  – I Don’t Know What You Know Me From

Actress, Hollywood’s Most In-Demand Best Friend, Author
Find out more about that girl from that movie/tv show (and author!) Seriously funny, candid and charming.


Judy Greer, I Don't Know Where You Know Me From

Kseniya Melnik – Snow in May

Currently reading so I can’t begin to describe it yet (I’m processing) – beautifully written.

A remote Siberian town with a darkly fascinating history teems with life in this luminous linked debut collection of short stories.

Snow In May Kseniya Melnik











Susan Cain – Quiet

What? I can be quiet.











Allie Brosh – Hyperbole and a Half

because you have to read this book. You just do.















Fran Sorin – Digging Deep

I had hoped this wonderful book would make me a more thoughtful gardener but I still just threw some perennials in like I always do. My learning curve is long and slow. Planning on re-reading this treasure so I am ready for next year. Not just a gardening guide, an exploration in creativity and the process itself. What a wonderful guide and resource.

Fran Sorin Digging Deep












Rachel Weaver – Point of Direction

I didn’t put this book down until I finished it. Good thing it’s summer!











I have more books on my nightstand and will share as I whittle away at them, but I may be a little busy in the coming weeks. Next week is Blogger Bash in NYC and I am thrilled to meet all of the wonderful bloggers and companies that will be a part of that two day event. Here’s the agenda in case you want to know why I’ll be packing my comfiest shoes.

From the Blogger Bash website:

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