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While my posting frequency may be down, it’s not that I have been just lying around binge watching Netflix or anything (ahem), it’s just I haven’t been writing about what I have been up to but I’m back on track, well, at least with the writing thing, and on the plus side, I am up to date on Mad Men.

Okay…What exactly have I been doing? Hmm…cooking, baking, driving, shopping, planning parties, schlepping, you know, JUNE.  I’ll share the cooking and baking for a day that it’s not 100 degrees out and will share my latest shopping spree which has involved mainly graduation gifts.  Not to worry, I found plenty of things for hostess gifts, birthdays and anniversaries, too!

It’s always a challenge to find gifts that are special but don’t break the bank, and I think (eyes modestly downcast) I have it covered with a little help from Uncommon Goods.

I have long been a fan of Uncommon Goods and recently when they asked if I would review a product…I was thrilled! But what to choose? I focused on personalized gifts because I was in that mode, but they have great gifts for any and all (yes, even for guys – the most difficult people to buy for of all). And the categories are neatly arranged (by cost, type of gift or recipient), which saves on shopping time and you know I’m all about that.

I love this vintage typewriter key necklace (I have a thing for old typewriters), and evidently it’s cool (my youngest quickly voted on it). Find it here.

So what happens when you order from Uncommon Goods?


I also love this necklace for one (or all three?) of my sisters, mom, sister-in-law, aunt or, anyone, really, and it would have extra meaning for someone going to or graduating from one of the Seven Sisters Colleges or a maybe a classics major. Find it here.

From the Uncommon Goods website:

Look to the stars to commemorate the unbreakable bond of sisterhood with a mythic pendant, twinkling with the Pleiades constellation. Also known as the “seven sisters,” this astral cluster famously connects the seven sisters of Greek mythology: Maia, Electra, Taygete, Alcyone, Celaeno, Sterope and Merope.

 There are great gifts for families, hostess, couples and some sweet baby gifts, too, like a personalized constellation blanket – (link to it and other great baby gifts here) and I like these math glasses for my dad or a math tutor – just giving them makes me look math-ier (more numerative) than I am in real life. Always good.






Uncommon Goods is Brooklyn, NY based company that does good as well as having great gifts (most items on their site are made in the USA and at least half are made by hand – they are very artist/artisan friendly…love that). More personalized gifts can be found here. How hipster of me? I know, right?


I received a necklace to review for this post but was not compensated in any way…plus I gave the necklace away.







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