The Newton Kitchen Tour is a citywide tour encompassing many of the villages of Newton (think Newton Historic Homes Tour, minus everyone tramping through the entire house).¬† It’s a self-guided tour through ten amazing kitchens and there will be food. Yes, food. Some of my favorite local restaurants are participating¬† – I’d tell you because I’m into sharing and all that but I can’t – it’s a surprise! And architects (yes, geek out and ask all the questions you’d like) will be on site to answer questions. So if you are considering a kitchen renovation or just wildly curious to see some fantastic kitchens and get a bite to eat, grab a friend and a ticket and take the tour!
Creative, fun and sweet Sharon Gavini Reilly is the driving force behind this fun day and her enthusiasm is infectious – she even convinced me to be in this video (something I never do) And, yes, it’s true – I shut the door on this charming child. I’m not the only one. Truth be told, I did not want to shut the door (it was in the script and I had to) and I did have consolation cookies on hand. But still.
Proceeds benefit the rebuilding of the Burr School Playground, so it’s for the children!

Tickets are available online at Eventbrite or at locally at Whole Foods. Tickets are $25 in advance and $35 the day of the tour.

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