Does customer service ever exceed your expectations? Not to be super picky, but usually that’s a no for me. The drill is that you call a company and are on hold forever, don’t get a real person (confession – sometimes I press “0” or other random numbers to break out of the vortex – sometimes it even worksIMG_6025), and no resolution of the problem. Not a win-win.

Well, that changed for me this week when a snafu happened with some business cards. Don’t ask, I won’t share any details except to say that has exceptional customer service. They didn’t ask how, why or what – they just fixed the issue and sent out new cards at no cost. Done.

Wow. A panic turned around in record time. I wish they were around for other stuff, too.

I have used since I started needing business cards (4 years ago or so) and have always been happy with the design options and quality. Now this. I am officially on board with this company and no, I am not being paid or compensated in any way. I just want to give a shout out where a shout out is due.

What do I know? A lot, actually, but that’s another matter.  I have ordered stickers, mini cards, full sized cards and am in the process of ordering Facebook cards (moo offers the first 50 free not including shipping – about 6 bucks) and I stumbled across these new cards which I think are the coolest. Can’t wait to give them a try when they’re capability mom blog



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