Litographs by Danny Fein (and yes, a cool t-shirt giveaway!)

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Growing up amid the chaos of our large family, everyone knew they could find me tucked away someplace with my nose in a book. While I’m a bit more social now, I still love to read and have been known to have upstairs books, downstairs books, car books and sometimes just a cereal box. Imagine how happy I was to find Litographs– prints that are created from the text of classic books printed on t shirts (or on a poster). Honestly super cool and you can read every word (the entire book – well, up to 75,000 words) and not only do you get something cool but local founder Danny Fein has partnered with the International Book Bank to send one new, high-quality book to a community in need for each poster or t-shirt they sell.

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Alice in Wonderland

Per FTC guidelines, I received no compensation for this post but I did receive t-shirts to review.




Litographs by Danny Fein



Litographs is offering three free t-shirts (your choice of size and book) as a giveaway and not just because I know Danny’s mom either. The shirts were just featured on  (a daily fun habit of mine) and are so cool that my teens have already claimed any shirts that come my way.

I love The Great Gatsby (maybe because my oldest is reading it in English class and I picked it up to re-read last night) and the Moby Dick one is awesome, too. Check out all of their t-shirt designs here and the poster designs here. Find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. And go enter this giveaway for super soft (and bookish!) t-shirts! Check out the prints for a very different Father’s Day gift idea.


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