I wanted to share a free tele-class tomorrow at 12pm EST for Boston moms coping in the aftermath of our city’s tragedy. Mommybites Boston, along with Dr. Kate Roberts, a Boston-based child psychologist, will be leading the discussion.
Registration link below:


From Mommybites Boston:

Our facilitator will be Dr. Kate Roberts, a child psychologist and parenting coach with over 25 years of experience. Based in Hamilton and Salem, she is a well-known expert in the field of parenting and child psychology, and has published a number of articles in professional journals and writes a bi-weekly parenting column in the Salem News; Dr. Kate’s Parent Rap. Dr. Kate’s unique coaching practice “helps parents, help their children”. Her New Reality Parenting, is a coaching model that offers practical, targeted strategies that guide parents through the unexpected glitches of today’s ultra crazed, fast paced everyday life. Her focused solutions take the stress out of overscheduled and bring a smoothness to even the bumpiest transitions. Contact her via email at kate@katerobertsandassociates.com or phone 978-884-1213 .Visit http://www.drkateroberts.com, Facebook or Twitter.


I signed in for this late (connection troubles and a repairman visit took up some time) and it was terrific. Great suggestions and advice.

For those of you who missed this important teleclass, facilitated by Dr. Kate Roberts, here is a link to the taped class and discussion.

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