Sometimes we are in maintenance mode but today is not one of those days. Computers and printers are not playing well together and I may even have to read one of those stupid owner’s manuals then not one but two light bulbs chose to break off in the dining room ceiling fixture, and I broke a mug and a sugar bowl. Bonus morning!

So after a lovely walk with dog and friends, I attempt to fix all. I started with the light bulbs. I had a vague memory of someone saying to use a potato to take out a broken bulb but that didn’t work when I tried it yesterday so on to the internet. I found tons of answers and the ones I liked best are from DIY Life  and Howcast (because I knew I had needle nose pliers and electrical tape and the instructions seemed straightforward and not too beyond my skill set).

First, go to your electrical box (you can’t miss it, it the big grey rectangular box… probably in your basement). Happily, our circuit breakers are labeled and numbered but I still shut off nearby rooms (I have a healthy respect for electricity and am nervous to boot).

To start:

Grab needle nose pliers and some electrical or duct tape IMG_4053(this is to give the pliers more grip). I did not wear safety glasses but there was not broken glass so I risked it. I also did not wear gloves  but would if a) there was broken glass b) I knew where they were.

Hold the socket with one had and turn (counter clockwise – remember it’s righty tighty, lefty loosey – hey, I don’t make these things up). Another site says to grab the side of the socket and turn but this way worked for me.

Here’s the video from Howcast  –

Now I’m off to fix the sugar-bowl, the printer can wait until after lunch.IMG_4054

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