IMG_4031IMG_4033We are predisposed to love burgers and fries in my family, so the prospect of a nearby Shake Shack has been happily anticipated. We are not, however, fans of long lines, (i.e., Disney World, first run movies, that kind of line) and we have been postponing our Shake Shack outing until things quieted down. However, today when I unexpectedly found myself with 45 minutes to kill near the Chestnut Hill Mall and thought I would take myself to lunch. Yes, without my family. And yes, I will pay for this.

I got there at 11:30 and waited a few minutes (and one possible cut in line by a man in a bright blue jacket), I ordered a shack burger, fries, and a chocolate shake, and waited, and waited, and waited for my hand held buzzer to buzz. I unsuccessfully tried to find a place to stand that was out of the way of the condiment station, the door, the counter, the workers, and the flow of traffic which had increased exponentially. I sat outside for a while but it was too cold, and then stood in the back of the restaurant, near the high chairs until I noticed blue jacket cutter was gone. I made my way to the counter where I pushily waved my still inactive buzzer and eyed what I knew was my order sitting bagged, lonely, and quickly cooling. I reported the broken buzzer, shared that it was a really long wait, grabbed my food and left the now crazily crowded spot. I didn’t make it to the car.

My report:

Shake – delicious although a bit chocolatey (will try the coffee shake made with fair trade beans next time).

Fries – yummy (but coldish), salty and crispy.

Burger – fantastic – terrific with their sauce (reminded of McDonald’s special sauce – in a good way) with an excellent burger to bun ratio.

All in all, I liked it enough to go back (and bring my children) but will time the visit with tactical precision – no weekend lunchtimes for me.

Update: Went back the same day (line now wrapped around building – time 4 pm) and luckily knew about the “C” line (“C is for Custard, that’s good enough for me!”) and bee-lined it in for a couple of shakes for my children. We again experienced buzzer fail. Luckily we are not shy when it comes to food and had to ask for our shakes.  Do they even use the buzzers? What is going on with that?


The coffee shake was reported to be very good (I think, I only drank some of the dregs) and the black and white is made with their custard (which kind of overwhelms the chocolate but is still delicious).

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