Okay, not everything, but almost everything to hear my mother tell it anyway. My mom is a legendary neat freak (hmm…doesn’t that skip a generation or something?) and she is almost, but not quite, as committed to hydrogen peroxide as a fix-all as the mother in My Big Fat Greek Wedding was to Windex. Really.

Turns out that she is kind of right. I met with pediatrician Dr. Laura Jana at Blogher. She was giving interviews at the Lysol Recharge station (such an awesome idea – lots of outlets and comfortable seating), and I went with Pragmatic Mom to chat with her. Predictably, Pragmatic Mom had her own set of questions and we ended up chatting well past out allotted time.

Anyway, we talked about how to get your kids to help around the house and Dr. Jana had great suggestions (no surprise here – she’s written more than a few books – I’ll list them – and even give them away – below) that her family instituted with great success. Here’s Pragmatic Mom’s post about chores building self esteem.

How did I get from hydrogen peroxide to chores? Lysol sent me a box full of products to sample – all of them using hydrogen peroxide instead of bleach, so Mom was right. Thanks, Mom.

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