A Summer Called Angel chronicles the journey of author Sola Olu through the preenclampsia and premature delivery and treatment of her daughter, Angel. It is an honest and raw look at a very difficult time and I am honored to have the author write a guest post. An excerpt from the book:
My journey into motherhood began with a siren-blaring, lights flashing ride to the emergency room of a hospital halfway across town. Wild thoughts raced through my head as the ambulance raced. Is this real, is this a dream, will I wake up and it will not be true?

Healing through writing

by Sola Olu

I have always been one since childhood to express my feelings in writing versus words. Whenever I was hurt I would write a long letter expressing exactly how I felt. It was cathartic and I was often in tears as I wrote those letters, but afterwards I felt better.

As I grew older too I learnt to incorporate “tact” into my letters so that they were not hurtful to the addressee, I started to journal or jot down random thoughts. As a result, I have so many projects that are at the beginning, middle or end stage.

Eight years ago, when my daughter was born three months early, I took to writing when I didn’t know what else to do, scraps of paper here and there, journals here and there. It helped alleviate the pain and helplessness I felt. In the end, those scraps of paper began to morph into something else, and I began typing up my memoir even when I didn’t know what the ending would be.

I wrote through the multiple complications – pneumonia, infections, intestinal issues and surgeries that my daughter had to endure.

Going through another premature birth with my son, my writing continued, with one story transitioning into the next.

I am happy to report that my memoir turned out to be one of hope and success stories. One thing that I have learned about myself through the process is that I find it difficult to talk to people when I am going through a rough time, so one thing I would do over, and my advice to everyone else is if writing makes it easier to express your thoughts during a difficult period, please make use of the various social media outlets like Facebook, care pages, twitter, even emails or blogs to your friends and family know what’s happening without you having to interact when you’re not quite ready.

You can heal through your writing and concerned loved ones are able to follow your progress at the same time.



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